What Wi-Fi Routers work with Republic? Find out, or tell us!


One of the most repeated and not easily answered questions in the community has been, “what router should I buy?” With hundreds of models to choose from, coming up with reliable recommendations is not easy. Yesterday’s edition of any given model may not represent what you find on store shelves today, and any model may work better or worse after installing the latest firmware.

Some time ago, @seanr started a topic in the community, Routers that work with republic, which was intended to answer the question by accumulating member feedback. While it worked well enough to gather information, it doesn’t present that information in an easy-to-digest fashion.

To more easily answer the question, SouthpawKB and I have put together this new page at the Republic Wireless Wiki, listing router models that have been identified by members in community discussions as working or failing to work. But this listing of routers is far from comprehensive, and for most models listed, the number of reports are very few, often just one. So your feedback and results with models not yet listed is highly desired!

Do you have good quality Wi-Fi calls with your router?


If your router matches one that’s in the table (including firmware version), and your opinion isn’t represented in one of the More Info linked posts, please record your good result by clicking the check-mark bullet and then click Register Mine. If your router isn’t in the table yet, see below to get it added. If you’re not sure how to find your firmware version, reply to this discussion and instructions will be provided.

NOTE: Please do not register favorable experience with a router unless you’ve actually, personally, used it for more than a few days.
If your router is not found in the table, please post a comment to this blog with the make, model (with hardware version if shown on the label), and firmware version. If QOS or WMM are available please note that and any router settings you had to adjust for proper operation. Once the router is added, a reply to your comment will acknowledge that and you can register your experience.

Do your Wi-Fi calls switch to cell, drop, or have poor quality?

Not every case of poor quality calls or handover to cell can be blamed solely on the Wi-Fi router. Republic is still adjusting the handover feature and unless handover is disabled, calls may switch to cell despite sounding fine when on Wi-Fi. So the first step to determining whether the Wi-Fi router has a problem is to disable handover for your network as described here: Improving the WiFi to Cellular Handover Experience.

Then, if Wi-Fi calls still have problems, it may still be possible to adjust the router settings to improve call quality, or there may be ISP-related issues contributing to the problem. If your router is not already listed in the table with a lot of negative ratings, please check the More Info references and/or ask for help in the community before giving a negative rating. We don’t want our router knowledge base to suggest that a router that can be made to work isn’t worth having.

I’m willing to help other members who have the same router I have!

If you don’t mind taking questions from those who have the same router, send a direct message either to @me or @southpawkb and let us know how you prefer to be contacted, and your contact information will be added to the Wiki’s More Info column. E-mail addresses and telephone numbers will not be posted in the Wiki, but your Wikia.com name, your Republic Community username, or a post you made in the community can be linked in the More Info column.


Just a reminder, please limit comments here to routers that work and aren’t yet listed at the Wiki page. If you have problems with a router that seems to work for others, or you can’t get a router to work at all, please ask for assistance in the community here or start a new discussion to ask about it.


Linksys WRT54GL Wireless (Amazon) - DD-WRT v24-sp2 (08/12/10) std - QOS - Works Well


Thanks @happywillow0, added to the Wiki, please visit there and ‘register mine’. Are you sure that version doesn’t also support WMM (my oldest DD-WRT is newer and I’m not sure when WMM was added)? If it does, you’ll see it under Wireless / Advanced.


Darn. I forgot to look there. After I set the router up, I haven’t gone in to anywhere else except for ports and QoS.

Yea, it still support WMM under Wireless / Advanced


Actiontec C1000A / CAC001-31.30L.8


Hi @kieranc,

Are you the same person who posted about this model on the Wiki? Are you now happy with this router and consider your ‘issues’ resolved (or at least, accept that they are not the fault of the router)?


Doh. I didn’t see entry for this on the wiki. #kieranfail. (But no; wasn’t I who posted unhappiness with this particular router. I don’t have any complaints with it, specifically, as it related to RW service … not that I’ve noticed, anyway.)


There wasn’t an entry for Actiontec C1000A - I asked the person who posted this on the wiki to followup in the community, and shortly after that, you posted about the router here. So I thought maybe you and that person might be the same.

I’ve added an entry for this router now. Please go back to the Wiki and “register mine”. Thanks!


For dual band routers, using the same ssid for both bands does not work well. Once I split the 2.4ghz off to a different ssid, the reception at home got much better.

The Moto X supports 5ghz N, but seems to be picking up the 2.4 first, which is crowded in my neighborhood. I’ve had no complaints about call quality since I switched the ssid to 5ghz only. The phone was nearly unusable before.

I’m not sure if this varies from router to router or not, that’s why I posted it here. For reference it is a Cisco/Linksys 2500.


Netgear WNDR4000

Firmware: V1.0.2.2_9.1.84

QoS or WMM.?? Both


Thanks @schlabow, I’ve added your entry. Please register your experience.


OK,so I logged in, went to the Table, and tried to Register mine.

Everything looked good, but when I go back to check it’s still blank.

Did I miss something.???


Hi @schlabow,

This is what I see:

So, it’s showing one positive vote.

Wikia is a little strange in that sometimes, if you aren’t logged in as a user, there is some caching and some delay before you see current content. I hadn’t noticed it before with the poll results, but apparently it’s a possibility, too.


I have a Belkin F7D2301 V1 Firmware 1.00

Works fine sense 11/15/13


Hi @ralphhk11,

I’ve added your entry. Please wait a few minutes (I’m still editing the page) and then register your experience. Thanks!


The dual band and how the Moto X handles switching between 2.4/5Ghz was raised in another thread and @theproductguy was working with Motorola to get us more data.


Works just fine right out of the box. No special settings required.


HI @lilyth88. Please post the firmware version that the TL-WR1043ND V2 came with so that this router can be added to the Wiki.



Personally, I have a D-Link DIR-601 working just fine, but only after being flashed with DD-WRT firmware. I used aftermarket firmware from www.dd-wrt.com | Unleash Your Router, which is excellent. It probably should be attempted by a techie person, but once in place it has been solid as a rock.


Hi @dave_kc,

We’ll need to know the specific version of DD-WRT you’re running on that DIR-601 so we can add it. Please post again when you have that information handy.