What Wi-Fi Routers work with Republic? Find out, or tell us!


@southpawkb, it’s the v24 preSPS2 Beta Build 21061. Here’s the direct link from DD-WRT’s site. In my experience, DD-WRT often takes a router that is useless and can make them rock solid.



@dave_kc, that link refers to hardware version A1. Can you please confirm that’s what you’re using? There are many h/w versions of the DIR-615, and some don’t work very well at all, not even with DD-WRT (version I1 in particular, from personal experience).


Well, I’m at work now and away from my router, so it’ll have to be after I’m home.


From my DD-WRT it’s a D-Link DIR-601-A1

This is the DD-WRT version information. ** Firmware: **DD-WRT v24-sp2 (02/17/11) std


Hi @dave_kc,

We already have that router and firmware as an entry. Please indicate your experience by selecting the checkmark and clicking “register mine” for that entry.

Republic Wireless and Your Wi-Fi Router - Republic Wireless Wiki


I’ve registered it… like I say, solid as a rock.


3.15.31 Build 130925 Rel.32445n is what it is now. My boyfriend thinks it came with 1. something or 2. something. Really old. We purchased it in February 2014 and whatever version it shipped with also worked.


Hi @lilyth88,

Thank you for providing the firmware specifics. I’ve added the router here: Republic Wireless and Your Wi-Fi Router - Republic Wireless Wiki. Please register your experience with this router by selecting the checkmark and clicking “Register mine” for the TL-WR1043ND V2 entry.


Agreed. Just installed mine, updated the firmware and everything worked without a hassle.


I am using the same router as a repeater so I can have access outside. But after a short while, I get the truangle warning on my Moto G What settings are you using?


I’ll get back to you in a few days if no one else has chimed in (got some pressing issues). Basically though I’ve had to do very little modification other than choosing 40MHz for the wireless channel width.


@donaldm.l2akk1, this comment section is for information about routers that work, not general troubleshooting or Q&A. Please post your question as a new topic in the Open Mic section of the community.


My home WiFi is from a Belkin: BEC 7800TN R2 (combined DSL modem and router) firmware: 2.02e.dc8

It’s been working well for WiFi calls. There is QoS and WMM, but I’m not sure how to set it up for RW, currently running with defaults.


Actually that device isn’t a Belkin, it’s a “BEC” brand. It’s now available for you to register your experience here: Republic Wireless and Your Wi-Fi Router - BEC


Motorola Surfboard. This worked well with my Defy XT and when I got my Moto x. When I finally got my wife to leave her iPhone I was afraid of to many conflicts with the web tv and computer use so I plugged an Asus Rt-AC66U dual band router into the modem. I have her set up on the 5.0 line while I am on the 2.4 and the rest of our usage is on the Surfboard. Works well so far even though the handover is still pretty extreme compared to the Defy. That was the case before I added the Asus as well. Carlh, the model is SBG6580 and I have no idea of the firmware version or where to look for it.


@ozarkjim, we need model and firmware version to post a device to the Router wiki. In your case, just the Surfboard info is needed, since that is the device connected directly to the Internet - your Asus router is (or should be) functioning as a Wi-Fi access point only, since it doesn’t have a direct connection to the Internet.

You can edit your post above to add the info.


How do I locate the firmware version for this router, Motorola NVG589, 1-28-2014?

In tech documentation I see two firmware listings.


Go, and when the status page appears, click on System Information


Amazon.com: NETGEAR N600 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router (WNDR3400): Electronics

Works awesome with my Moto X on either band. I am on a 25 Mbps TimeWarner cable connection and the router is connected through a Motorola Surfboard modem.


Hi @mpineda89,

There are several hardware versions of that router and several possible firmware versions that could be on it. Once you have those specifics, please see if it’s already listed in the Netgear table. If so, you can register your experience for the correct combination of hardware and firmware versions. If not, reply here with the specifics and we’ll add your entry.

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