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We have an outdoor, pole-mounted Ubiquiti NanoStation loco M2 pointed at our home that also serves our farmyard. It seems to work fine with our phones. It gets it power over the cat 5 cable, My grandpa set it up for us and I don’t know how to get into it to read the firmware version.


No problem, because Ubiquiti NanoStation loco M2 is not a Wi-Fi router - it’s a Wi-Fi access point. We don’t list access points, bridges, extenders, etc. in the Router Wiki - mainly because the router part of the Wi-Fi router is what makes or breaks quality voice calls.


I registered my C1000A Actiontec. It DOES support WMM. I’m not sure whether to engage the power save feature in WMM. So far the only issue has been poor v quality only with another RW phone and only when the other phone was upgraded to Moto G from Defy. Otherwise, the modem has been the best one I’ve had.


Hi @dham2,

I’ve updated the Router Wiki to note that the C1000A does support WMM, thank you. If you’d like to invite further discussion about the power save feature, please begin a new discussion and the Community will most likely offer some good feedback for your dilemma. Oops. I see now where you’ve brought the issue to the Community.

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Do not use the Techicolor TC8350C. Horrrible


Actiontec GT784WN

Firmware NCS01-1.0.11


No changes since original setup.

For several hours after the original installation my G was repeatedly dropped. Finally I rebooted and forgot and reconnected to my network - not a single problem since.


Hi @larryc.fx18q8,

Is that router for Verizon’s internet service?




Thanks. Your router is now available in the Actiontec portion of the Router Wiki so you can register your experience.


TP-LINK Archer C8 AC1750 Dual Band Wireless AC Gigabit Router, 2.4GHz 450Mbps+5Ghz working fine on both bands in building with cement walls with Moto X. 5GHz sometimes a little weak behind the thickest wall. Just switch. No complaints about call quality.


Hi @behuld,

Please indicate which version of the firmware is on your router.


Running a Westell ADSL Modem/Router/Wifi combo provided by CenturyLink. Hope this detail helps someone else in need:

Model Number: A90-750022-07

Software Version: VER:

Software Model: 4 Port Gateway

Description: VersaLink

Boot Loader: Ver:01:00:07

Configuration: 096-900285-01A

Using the following out-of-box configuration on DHCP and all works extremely well:

  • DSL Security Settings:
    • Security Level: Low
    • Services: FTP, PPTP, IPSec
  • Wireless Settings:
    • Encryption: WPA/TPIK
    • MAC Filtering: Disabled
    • Beacon Period: 100 msec
    • RTS Threshold: 2347 bytes
    • Fragmentation threshold: 2346 bytes


You may want to change Encryption: WPA/TPIK … WPA2/AES normally provides better throughput for any 802.11n router

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Hi @mr_rf,

I’ve added your router to the Westell table of the Router Wiki. Please click over there and register your experience.

If you have a link to your firmware, please share it. I couldn’t dig it up. Thanks.


DLink DI-524 (phased out): Works, however we noticed that it was throttling our connection to 0.33% of full speed. Any firmware version.

NETGEAR WNR1000v3: **Firmware update **V1.0.2.68_60.0.93NA works. Link: http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/WNR1000v3/WNR1000v3-V1.0.2.68_60.0.93NA.zip


If it’s throttling your speeds, that’s not good.


Still having wifi voice quality issues with my Moto x second gen since december. I’m using the xfinity gateway router (TC8305C ) and there isn’t an option for QOS or SIP ALG setting. Getting really frustrated


It was a really old router. First available on Amazon 10 years ago. The latest firmware update is from 2006, I believe. Speed test with it showed 6 download at best, and that was fully optimized over WLAN. The Netgear we just got and consistently was getting 20+ download over WLAN.


@solaire, the Technicolor TC8305C is already in the routers Wiki. Your comment doesn’t have enough information to justify a new entry for a different version of that device. You can certainly register your bad experience at the Wiki, or you can ask in the community for help with it (we don’t solve router problems in this comment section).


@ryans.gea03n, the WNR1000v3 with that firmware version has been added to the Wiki. Please visit it and register your good experience there. Thanks!