What Wi-Fi Routers work with Republic? Find out, or tell us!




Firmware version V1.0.3.6_10.1.3

Working fine so far (WMM is enabled)



Added, based on your comment in the Router Wiki. No need to post in multiple locations.


I’m trying to load the wiki page on routers and it’s reloading continually saying there is an error. I really need this info because I’m purchasing a new modem (our Asus RT-N66U drops calls constantly and I’m tired of it!). Please help, thanks.


Hi @visionmaker,

I’m not having any trouble loading the Router wiki on a laptop using Firefox, nor on my phone. What are you trying to use?


I’m using safari. I will try now with firefox. Thanks.


working perfectly with firefox. tricky apple!


Buffalo WZR-1750DHP firmware version 2.24

its a dual band and i have it connected to 5GHz the only thing i did when i got it was update the firmware, then did the usual changing default passwords and such, this one is NOT the DDWRT version and Its been working excellently!



Hi @devonc,

I’ve added your WZR-1750DHP to the Buffalo Technology table. Please click over there and register your experience with this router. Thanks for your contribution.


The WZR-600DP2 works as well. I am using it with the DD-WRT firmware v24SP2-Build 24461 std


Hi @handydjs,

When I search for WZR-600DP2, I’m not finding anything.

Could you mean WZR-600DHP, which is already listed in the Wiki with that firmware?
Is it a newer model of that same AirStation?


Or possibly WZR-DHP2 (if DD-WRT was obtained separately) or WZR-DHP2D (if DD-WRT was factory installed).

@handydjs, please save us some guesswork and link to the DD-WRT download you used if you got it from dd-wrt.com.


Sorry, my mistake. It is the WZR-600DHP2


Here is a link to the firmware: http://dd-wrt.com/routerdb/de/download/Buffalo/WZR-600DHP2/-/buffalo-wzr-600dhp2-webflash.bin/4400


Linksys R7000 works like a champ. Usually 2-4 Republic phones in the house.


@edwink.lst3p4, we need hardware and firmware version to list the R7000.


Thanks @handydjs. Your router is now listed at the Wiki, please register your opinion there.


R7000 is the hardware version and FW is V1.0.4.18_1.1.52


Hi @ed.karjala,

Could that be the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC 1900 R7000? I’m not finding a Linksys R7000.


Yes, that is the one. Thanks for the followup


Thank you, @ed.karjala.

Your router is now listed in the Netgear table. Please click over there and register your experience.