What Wi-Fi Routers work with Republic? Find out, or tell us!


Ver. 1.0



“1.0” is the hardware version of the device, not the firmware version.

You’ll need to access the routers administration web page to see the firmware version.

See page 114 of the Archer C8 User Guide for where to look for it.


Linksys EA6350 with separate Arris Surfboard SB6183 replacing dreaded leased equipment from TWC!

QoS Yes! But on this router is called “Media Prioritization” which when toggled on in the Linksys Smart WiFi site (or android app) you’re able to move any of your wirelessly connected devices to “High Priority”!


I’ve had this set-up for a few months now with good sound quality and no dropped calls but the router settings I just recently tweaked (see Great! WiFi calls go missing in the discussions) Rolandh


Auto-save! saved it and didn’t time out…lol


My Netgear orbi rbr50 works like a champ.


You might consider adding that information here: Republic Wireless and Your Wi-Fi Router.

For those unfamiliar with the linked Wikia site; it’s a long standing effort from fellow Community members but is not otherwise affiliated with Republic Wireless the company.


My 2 Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO-E Access Points with UniFi Controller work great in my house! I also have an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X-SFP handling traffic to both of them and out to the Internet with Smart Queuing-QoS enabled.
Didn’t know what the best way of adding this info to the Wikia would be, so I thought I’d place it here (plus I forgot about it too!)


Actiontec C2000A-D0 hardware revision 3B Firmware CAH006-31.30L.95 with QoS and WMM. This modem has been working well for 8 months since CenturyLink fixed their faulty wire pair for the second phone line (2 DSL lines, 4 wires). Their tech said it was my inside wiring causing the problem with the new VDSL2 Bonding service upgrade. As he suggested I upgraded the interior wiring but when he came back out again he claimed the problem was still in the house wiring. When I told him the bad line would change from my pair 1 to pair 2 inside wiring when I swapped them at their service box, he had to admit the problem wasn’t in the house wiring. I think CL tells customers this to avoid fixing their equipment. A tech worked the whole next day rewiring near their central switching building to get me up to speed. They worked two more days hopefully improving their service for more customers in the area…


Thanks for the detailed report, @kieronh. Your router has been added to the Actiontec list, where it awaits your vote as to whether it works with Republic or not.

Your example is a great reminder that sometimes there are factors beyond the things Republic Wireless can solve that play a part in a successful experience with the phone.