What will a Moto G5 Plus cost montly

I have a Moto G1 with base +0.5 GB and with refund I pay around $15 a month including taxes and fees. If I purchase a Moto G5 Plus what will my monthly costs be, assuming I use it the same as I do with my current phone.

$20 plus tax for 1GB or less of cell data used.

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Just like @williamo.vkbg0s said $20 + your usual taxes, probably under $25…
Are you a beta member? If you are thats 10% off the $20 + taxes maybe $23…
I can do variables all day but thats the jest of it there…

Hi @deborahw.smx4oo!

If you would like further information about ranges, you could always visit our website to view available plans and see which one best suits your needs. The prices and what is included in the plans are explained in more detail there.

Hi @deborahw.smx4oo,

The best way I know of to determine exact cost in your area is to place the phone and plan of interest into the shopping cart at Republic’s online store, then begin the checkout process. Ae step 7, you’ll be presented with the information you seek. In the event, you do not like what you see, simply don’t click “Place My Order”. This is an example of what you’ll see:

More details here:

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