What would it take to reactivate my old phone and use my old number? I want to put it in my name and account

I had to cancel my phone to get it off my husband’s account and now I want to open my own account with my name and credit card. Is there any reactivation fees or other fees I need to know about before I move forward or get a new phone.

There is no reactivation fee but it will require a service ticket to get your number back after you activate your phone in a new account. You can create the new account during the reactivation process. Time is of the essence here because once you deactivated your phone your number went into a pool of numbers to be reassigned.

Activate My Phone

First, get you phone activated in the new account and then open a service ticket by clicking on Help at the top of this page.

Hi @carolt.rk5py2,

Please also note that we cannot move a number from one account to another without the permission of both account owners.

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