Whats app?


Is there any free app that I can download on my Moto G 3rd so I can make free international calls and texts?




Just log into Wifi and calls & texts are free international and national too. You don’t need an app to do it.

International calls and texting

International coverage

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Just log into Wifi and calls & texts are free …

What app would you use for that though?

Of course if you are outside the US you can call the US and Canada for free over Wi-Fi and that might be considered an International call …

Since you titled the thread Whats App, that’s one. That requires that the person on the other end be using the same app.

Given that restriction, you could also use Skype, Hangouts, (which also give you the option of free video calls) and no doubt others.

Free international calls to regular phones gets more problematic since most countries put some sort of tax on the calls. Rates may be as little as a penny or 2 per minute depending on the country with the aforementioned apps, but free is not likely.

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