What's Best Motorola phone with headphone jack?


I love Motorola phones. I’m currently using a Motorola X pure and I’d like to upgrade. But I don’t want to lose my headphones jack. I don’t like Bluetooth headphones and just like the convenience. What’s the best Motorola phone I can get with a headphone jack :headphones:?

the Moto Z2 Play (BYOD) has a headphone jack (I have it in hand and have used it)
the Specs report both the Moto G5S Plus and Moto X4 both have a headphone jack
(basically all Moto’s have this but the Moto Z (1st gen) Moto Z Force (not supported by republic anyway) and the Moto Z2 Force (not supported by republic)

Is it 4 gb ram or 3 gb ram?

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I have the moto g5+ an it has 4 gb ram 64 gb rom. There is not a lot of spec difference for the moto 5s+ They all have the head phone jack

Which moto z2 play will work with RW? Most for sale on eBay are old Verizon models listed as unlocked. What model number works?

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From: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

  • Moto Z2 Play (XT1710-01)

Motorola currently has them on sale for $349.99. Included are all the OEM accessories and a manufacturers warranty, which you won’t get from an eBay seller.

Moto Z2 Play (64 GB version) has 4 GB RAM, (BYOD only)
Moto X4 (32 GB version) has 3 GB of RAM (the 64 GB with 4 GB of RAM was never released)
Moto G5S Plus (32 GB version) has 3 GB of RAM
Moto G5S Plus (64 GB version) has 4 GB of RAM (BYOD only)
Moto G5 Plus (32 GB version) has 2 GB of RAM
Moto G5 Plus (64 GB version) has 4 GB of RAM


Is there are a product number for the Z2 Play that you recommend? I notice there all always different models (builds) of the same phone?

The model number Republic support is XT-1710-01

Do you really need 4 GBs? I was concerned 3 GBs would not be enough when I got my X4 but it’s fine for everything I want to do.

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