What's going on with RW?


I bought a new Moto E5 play from RW website and it won’t activate. It says the device and Sim pair are not eligible for activation. Now I have to wait days more for a replacement Sim in order to activate phone.
How does this happen? It’s a new SIM card they install before sending my phone. How can it be incompatible?


Hi @amandah.s67way

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Sorry to hear you are having trouble with getting your phone to activate. Good news is it is being fixed although it is taking longer than expected.

As some background info, Republic Wireless uses two different carriers to provide nation wide coverage. One is based on the GSM technology while there is another that uses CDMA. The Moto E5 Play while supported with Republic Wireless is only compatible with the GSM carrier.

While we wait for the new sim, I’m curious at what may have gotten mixed up. The phone should only have been available for the proper regions within the Republic Store and it should have shipped with the right sim card. What type of SIM card do you currently have and which one came with the phone? You can tell the difference here in this help article.

Also, if you don’t mind, is this your first Republic Wireless phone or did you use Republic Wireless before?
I’m also wondering, if it not too much trouble, what kind of troubleshooting steps have you tried with Republic support? I’m reading though some older posts where the same error came up but I don’t know if they they even apply anymore.


This is not my first phone with RW. I’ve been here for a few years now.
I too am surprised the right SIM was not sent. The card that was installed when I received the phone begins with 89012.
For troubleshooting, I tried to reseat the card. Then I created a ticket with the error information and immediately they said they would send a new card. No explanation from RW as to why.
I’m worried now that the 14 day period for returns will expire about the time I find out the phone doesn’t work here. I bought this to replace my husband’s Moto G which doesn’t get good signal around here. My Moto G5 plus gets excellent coverage. I was hoping the new upgraded phone would be of use to him. Now it’s a waiting game.


Hm, if the code begins with 89012, then it should be a GSM card and should be the right card as far as I know.
Also, to preface, sorry I can’t help too much since we’re both just members. I also didn’t want to assume anything such as swapping an old card into a new phone.

If it is a SIM card and Republic supported offered to send you a new one without questions asked, There is a chance that it may just be a bad sim card out in the batch and we got unlucky. The easiest way would be to just use a new one.

There is a service outage right now coincidentally but since you said you already talked to support which should mean this was before things went down.

I want to vouch for Republic Wireless support however. You have an issue logged with them about a new purchased phone not working properly and unable to test. You will want to confirm with them but they may be able to manually take into consideration the non-working SIM when it comes to the 14 day return policy. From what I know of Republic, they will try to do right.

But from our side, was this previous Moto G one of the older Republic 1 or 2 plan phones (Moto G1 or G3?) The older phones only used CDMA which means the Moto G5 now, and hopefully the E5 should have better coverage. Have you looked at the coverage maps that Republic Wireless have?


Thanks for your encouragement. Yes I have looked at the coverage maps from Republic as well as the main carriers to see the coverage in our dark area of the country. While it’s always said we’d have coverage it’s actually spotty and not always a solid signal. It’s discouraging but I figure I’m getting a good enough deal to just live with it. Coincidentally, I think that’s the motto of my state :wink:

You’re correct, the Moto G 1st Gen he’s been using is CDMA. I do hope he has more steady coverage as he needs it for work.

I really hope we get the new SIM card soon. Sadly, it’s already Thursday so I don’t suspect I’ll get the card until mid week next week. They did mention getting an email with tracking number. So far, nothing.

I’ve always loved RW and referred so many people. But lately, I have not had such good luck and I don’t just mean with this SIM card issue. But, it’s been a long week, maybe I’m just grumpy. I need to learn patience I suppose. I just get frustrated when I shell out a lot of money for things that don’t work as they should.