What's the best phone that supports the RW Refund plan


Sure I’ll try the power pack 5000. Thanks @southpaw

Eventually I’m probably going to buy a used phone to replace my G3. I’m going to buy the most powerful and capable with the longest battery life that will support my RW refund plan. Can you save me some time and suggest a model please?

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Moto X 2nd (2014) or Moto G 3rd (2015) are the best phones in my option
the Moto X 2nd is older but it a flagship (Best) of it’s year while the Moto G 3rd is a good mid-line phone (Better) (and the last phone made for the Refund plan


Hi @jamesh.0cjmak,

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The only phones that support the refund plan are now older phones. The G3 you are carrying is probably the best in terms of battery life, because it is the newest of the choices.

You may be able to have a local cell phone repair shop replace the battery, if maintaining the Refund plan is your primary concern.