What's the best SD card

We have Moto E6 phones (with Pie) and my daughter needs more storage. I know if I get UHS-1 SD cards we can use them as internal storage (I have the directions for that) but what I don’t know is what is the best SD card to get for our Moto E6 phones? She needs more storage but doesn’t want a new phone and since they do take the SD card this is probably our best way around that. I looked some up on Amazon but not sure exactly what the best option is. Thanks in advance

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Hello @rebecca.b, :slight_smile:

You’re correct about wanting a UHS-1 SD card.
That way your daughter can expand the Internal storage (or make it Portable). It sounds like you might have seen this Motorola article:

Using an SD card - moto e6

It also says that 256 GB is the limit for the moto e6.

When you search on Amazon for a 256 GB UHS-1 SD card, what is puzzling you? :thinking:

Are you looking for a brand recommendation?

Something like this would work:

Amazon.com: SanDisk 256GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter - 100MB/s, C10, U1, Full HD, A1, Micro SD Card - SDSQUAR-256G-GN6MA: Computers & Accessories


yes recommendation for what one is best to use . I saw that on means was going to order it but wasn’t sure. thanks for the recommendation

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Will one under 256 GB work also or does it have to be 256 GB? 32 GB would be sufficient for her I think.

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Yes, you can get a smaller GB size.
256 is the max. :slight_smile:




I don’t believe that recent OS updates support formatting as internal storage on the e6 any longer. I have one here and I can’t find a way to make it work. I’ve also helped a number of customers who have said it doesn’t work.

Google is systematically removing the ability to use an SD as internal. They’re doing this because even the fasted SD card degrades the performance of the device versus the internal storage and reliability is a huge issue.

I already ordered it and gave directions from Motorola how to do it. Google doesn’t have anything to do with the phone itself it’s a Motorola phone. we have the ability to shut off Google if we want. we got our phones through Amazon. I will try it and see when it comes if I succeed I’ll post

thanks for the heads up I can at least try it if it doesn’t work I can return it for a refund

Android, which is what the phone runs, is created, controlled and modified by Google. Motorola then adds it modifications on top of it. Google introduced “adoptable storage” in Android 6.0. If Google removes the ability to use the SD card as internal storage in new versions, then it’s gone.

Not really. The Google Play Store is required to download apps, including the Republic App to have service. A google account is required to secure the device. A google account is needed to be able to “find my phone”. A Google account is necessary to receive security updates and feature updates. The phone is inextricably tied to Google as they write the code, control the code, update the code and provide all the underlying technology.

Makes no difference at all

Yep, I followed those directions. The SD card continues to show as external storage and not internal. Perhaps I have an error on my device, but I’ve helped others who have recently experienced the same thing, so I’m not convinced what I’m seeing is unique.

Motorola stated to me Google doesn’t control the SD card. we will see what happens when I get it. You have to make sure the one you get is UHS 1 or it won’t work as an internal storage.

Hi @rebecca.b,

When you receive the SD card, and as you work through the process, please take the time to document each step. If you could provide that information to the Community, it sounds like it would be very useful to our members, since, as @louisdi says, he has tried to help many people do this and they’ve not been able to do so.

I also want to be sure, because It’s not clear if Motorola advised you on this aspect of using an SD card as internal memory, that you’re going into this well-prepared. What I mean, is that when you format the SD card as internal memory, it becomes an integral part of how the phone functions. But SD cards can, and do, fail. When an SD card that is formatted as internal memory fails, the only way to recover use of the phone is to factory reset the phone. As long as you go into this with that mindset, and make sure the content on the phone that is valuable to your daughter is frequently backed up, then a factory reset won’t be as significant an event for her as it might otherwise be.


hi southpaw,

yes i’m aware that if the sd card as internal storage fails i would have to reset the phone to factory settings. we always keep backups anyway and basically the apps she uses have their own backups. So that isn’t an issue. my daughter and i are having discussions on if she still wants it as internal storage or portable so she could move things on it from her phone to her computer and back. i told her she has to have it internal to use it for apps, but with portable she could just save photos and videos and podcasts and such and move those back and forth to her computer and phone.

she wants to try it as internal but if that doesn’t work will use it as portable. i do know that for internal storage, using class 2, 4, or 6 sd card will not be sufficient and will not work well if at all. the one i ordered is class 10.

i also know some people have issues on amazon with getting a knock off on items including sd cards and i am aware of what to look for when i get it to make sure it is not a knock off card. the knock off sd cards are having issues with making them internal.

also, motorola told me when i go to storage settings, if it gives me the option of internal storage if i follow their directions i should have no problem. its not really that difficult to try. but in the end if it doesn’t work as internal, she can use it as portable and at least move some of her items to it and get them off her phone. she keeps getting notifications that her storage is about full. i told her i could simply do a factory reset on her phone and that usually fixes that for her, but she wants to try something else… well something else EXCEPT a new phone. i wanted to just buy her a new phone with 32 gb storage but she likes her phone too much and hates something new.

i will be sure to let you know how it goes. the card comes tomorrow so sometime this week when she isn’t in need of her phone for an hour or 2 i will be doing that (leaving time to reformat the phone if necessary). personally i would love to reformat it BEFORE putting the internal storage in as usually a factory reset phone accepts new things better but we will see what happens.


Just so you’re aware, I see the option on my device and when I select it, the card still ends up as external storage, so :man_shrugging: I hope Motorola support is right, of course if they’re wrong it’ll be far from the first time.

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ok thans louisdi, i will be adding it possibly tomorrow and will post how it goes. we will just have to hope it all works out in the end. i have contacted motorola directly they have assured me i should have no problem UNLESS the sd card itself is a bad one and thats not something they can control. If it turns out to be a bad card, then I will simply return it for a refund and my daughter will just have to get rid of some apps, thats all or let me buy her a new phone which is what i wanted to do to begin with. but thanks for the heads up and all the suggestions. Adoptable storage should be available until Android 10, thats when it starts having issues they stated. Being that ours are Android 9 we should be ok. I will post again soon…

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My daughter decided she wants a new phone with 32 gb storage instead (she currently has 16) so we will be ordering her a new one. But since we already bought the sd card and out of curiosity, I am going to install it in my phone to see if it can be made into internal storage. If so, I will take note of the steps and post them when I do that. It will be some time in the next few days when I have some time to do it and to reformat the phone if it comes down to having to do that. I will be sure to post either way.


My phones been having issues and I need to do a factory reset anyway, so Im going to first try making the sd card internal storage just to see what happens. will post my findings later this afternoon or evening for those that are wondering. will also keep log of steps i take. … hold on to your seats, we are going on an adventure! :smiley:


Well I did it and it took me like 10 seconds and it is now as internal storage.
Very simple.
first I turned off my phone before inserting the SD Card though none of the directions said I had to turn it off, I have a thing about doing that before opening the back of my phone.
I inserted the SD Card
Turned the phone on and waited for it to show (give it a few seconds as your phone completely boots)
then these are the rest of the steps I took:

Tap SD Card name
Go to top right 3 dots and tape Storage settings
Tap Format as Internal
It will then tell you how much space on your phone this will free
Tap Move content
It will tell you how long this will take
Then it will say Your SD Card is ready to use
Tap Done
It is showing as Internal storage. If you want to make it Portable again, just go to the SD Card in your Storage in Settings and tap the 3 dots and then tap format as Portable and it will switch from Internal to Portable again

That simple and took only 10 seconds. I now have 79.86 GB storage (I got the 64 GB card) 11.10 GB are now being used.

I’m not sure why others are having issues unless you had a bad card, but mine went right through in literally 10 seconds time.


Fantastic that it worked for you. I will have my family member try again tonight. On our previous attempts both a Samsung microSD and a Sandisk microSD, both Class 10, both good in other phones that appear to format as internal on the E6, but then still show as external after formatting. This is the same experience I’ve had with at least two customers I’ve helped, so :man_shrugging:

Is your E6 updated with the June 2021 security patch?

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This is what you should see when doing it. The second picture shows what you should see in options after you are done is the ability to change it back to portable if you wish. Yes my phone is updated with the June 2021 Sec patch. I am still in the process of movig apps to the SD card, so my internal shared storage appears high yet, but as I moved the apps it goes down and the sd goes up as it should

When you want to move apps to the SD card (you can only move apps if it is internal storage) you simply follow these steps and it takes merely seconds:

  1. go to Settings
  2. Apps and notifications
  3. See all apps
  4. Go to app you want to move to SD card
  5. Click the app then click storage
  6. If the app is able to be moved to an SD card then you will see a button that says Change
  7. Click Change and then select the SD card and within seconds it will have moved the app to the SD Card

If your SD Card is not formatted as internal storage, you cannot store apps on it.

Here’s the steps to moving apps to the SD card (with pictures)

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