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I appreciate you sharing that. I’m quite familiar with the process. As one of the folks that help Republic with tickets through the Expert Program I’m approaching 100k of those tickets.

The steps are what I and others have followed, repeatedly, and afterwards it shows precisely as it does in your “before” screen shot, still as two memory pools.

I’ve got to check to see the size of the SD cards I’ve been trying with. They may be 128GB instead of 64GB so I wonder if that’s somehow involved.

EDITED TO ADD: I’m actually confused by your screenshots of moving apps. When used as internal storage there should be one storage pool and no ability to move things to the SD card separately because the SD card is part of the “internal shared storage pool”.

You can use up to 256 GB for this so 128 is fine. That was not a before screen shot, that is an after screen shot. It will show as 2 pools. But it is still internal. Click the 3 dots you see an option to put it back as portable then you know you have formatted it as internal. See above that where it combines the GB and says 11.37 GB total used of 79.86? That shows it is now internal. Also, see if you can move apps to the SD Card. If when you go to the apps, it gives an option to “Change” in the storage of an app, then you are able to move that app to the SD Card. You can only move apps to an SD Card if the SD card is made internal storage. If it is portable storage, you don’t have that option for apps.

What you are seeing is after me actually formatting it as internal storage, it will still appear as 2 but it is now internal. I think what is confusing you (or your sister or friend) is that you still see the SD Card listed under storage, you are going to see that, it is normal even when it is made internal. This should be showing AFTER its made as internal Storage…This was NOT a before picture

Louisdi you cannot move APPS to a portable (external) sd card storage. You can only move apps if it is made internal. Again, look at the amount of storage I now have. I am able to put most all my apps including games, Snapchat, and others on the SD “pool” as you call it. It is formatted as internal, not external or portable. I am showing that the option to make it portable appears after you have made it internal, you can switch it back to portable but you would then have to move your apps again from your SD card back to your phone or lose them if you tap to make it portable.

When i click on the apps on there they open just as if they were on the built in phone storage, this will not happen if you make it portable storage since you can’t even move apps themselves if it is formatted as portable. If you format it as portable storage, only files and pictures can be moved to it but not apps…

An SD card does show as ‘separate’ even when formatted as internal in Moto E6 (i’m not sure about other phones, but for this one it will and will still be internal storage if you chose to format it that way). Keep in Mind Moto E6 has other options most phones now don’t have such as a removable replaceable battery for example.

I have downloaded a few more apps and they go DIRECTLY to the SD Card…they won’t do that if it is formatted as portable, they only do that when it is formatted as internal.

If I was to remove the SD card without moving the apps I put on it back to the built in phone storage first, I would have to reformat my phone to factory settings to get it to work again. Because it is now an internal storage. I can now move some of the built in apps that come on the phone to the SD card and that also is an indicator you have successfully made it internal storage. Personally I prefer to just move my own installed apps to it and leave the built in ones on the phone itself. But if apps will work and you have successfully moved them to the SD Card storage, thats another indicator you have formatted it as internal storage.

My friend has a different phone she said hers is the same way.

Key here is, move apps (not files and photos only but APPS) to the storage and if you can move apps, then it is now formatted as internal. It is impossible to move apps to portable (or external) storage SD card. They wouldn’t work or even give you the option.

I have Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, a few games, that I have installed and moved to the SD card, when you open them they are working the same as if they are on the phone ---- indicates successful internal storage.

That’s not correct. Some apps, though not all, will allow themselves to be moved to SD cards formatted as external: How to Move Apps to the SD Card on Samsung Phones – Republic Help

This is both true on Samsung devices (which haven’t allowed adoptable storage since the S7) and on Moto devices. I find that about 20% of app developers have allowed their apps to be moved to storage formatted as external.

Louisdi, I contacted Motorola (not because I neeed to, but to give you peace of mind on this matter) and they said that mine IS formatted as Internal Storage. One clue that it was successful is as I had said, if you tap on the 3 dots after clicking to make it internal it then gives you the option to make it portable again, thats a clue its now internal. They said as I did that if you look at the storage amount it should show them added together but it will still appear to be separate though it is not. The way the files are written, if you move your apps to the SD card and try to move them to another device, they will not work if you have formatted it as internal. Yes you can remove the SD card with them on, but if you move them to another devie they will not work properly.

As mine looks as I showed above IS correct and IS internal storage. I think now this is just getting repetitive.

The Idea of adoptable or internal storage is to create more room for more apps, this is what it does. And that is what we wanted and what we have so it is working for us and is formatted as internal. No argument can change what is, it is as it is supposed to be. All I can tell you is for your famly member and/or friends, let them know if they click to format it as internal, it will still show 2 storages. And any apps they download thereafter will go onto the SD Card not the main storage. But they can go into them and click change and move it to the main phone if they want to.

If you go to YOUTUBE you can probably find a ton of tutorials on this, they will all show the same as my pictures above.

I do know that as I move things to the SD Card internal storage, that my shared storage gets smaller as well and I am able to move some of the system apps there but opted to not and put them back directly onto the phone.

Here’s a few Youtube Links for you:

Very interesting discussion. I’ve got a Moto X4 with 32 GB of internal memory and am always running our of memory because of all my home automation apps. I don’t have any photos or videos on my internal SD as I keep them all in Google Cloud. No music or TV. Just the standard stuff and all those automation apps for my Alexa controlled home.
I have an external 60GB SD which is almost empty and thus a waste of money. For this reason, I was considering buying something like a new Pixel 4a - the one compatible with Republic Wireless which was selling on Amazon for about $350 but now seems to have bounced back up to $400!
I too thought the bridging of the int and ext SD cards was a shaky risk, but now I’m wondering whether it might be worth trying if I was diligent on constant full backups.
Is this doable with an Moto X4?
Is there anyone else who has had success with it?
And has anyone who did it and thereafter lost everything able to restore from a full backup?
Or is it not worth the risk?

Louisdi, when you click format as internal storage after inserting the sd card, you should be given an option to move files. you can click to do this or not do this. I clicked to allow it to and that is another way to be certain it is formatted as internal storage. Also, the SD card will become the primary storage meaning when you download any apps, they go directly to the SD Card if it is formatted as internal. That is what happens for me. Thus, again, showing that it has been formatted as internal storage. If it was external storage, when i go to download an app, it would ask me where I want to download it to or would just download it to the phone iteself and then I would have to move it to the SD Card, but I do not have to do that, it automatically puts any downloads after inserting the SD Card onto the SD Card storage. Making it the primary storage option now.

Once it is formatted as internal storage, you cannot read it on any other device. it will be encrypted.

hi nathans.muyejm, I found this for you, if it helps:


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Thanks for the link. By its omission of any instructions for bridging to the external as you did with your Moto, am I to assume that my X4 is NOT eligible to do what you did? Or are those instructions found elsewhere?

The X4 does not have adoptable storage. While the information that has been provided above is fantastic for those with a moto E6 who can replicate it, newer Moto phones, and higher end Motos such as the X4, did not have and do not have adoptable storage.

Unfortunately what that means is that the number of phones that can take advantage of this is decreasing every day. The good news is that phones are more often coming with 64 or 128 GB of memory out of the box.


I was afraid of that. In the meantime, what I have recently done is to go through the apps I don’t use but can’t be removed, like some of the Google and Amazon apps, and have disabled them. It puts them back to original non-upgraded status and also seems to increase available ram.

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X4 is found to not be able to format to internal storage BUT you can use the SD card to free up some space with these apps (and a few more)— this was found on a reply on another site asked the same question:

"some apps can be configured to store their data files on the SD card. Some examples of Google apps are:

  1. Camera, Settings, Storage = SD card
  2. Play Music, Settings, Storage location = External
  3. Play Movie, Settings, Storage = SD card
  4. Google Maps, Settings, Offline maps settings, Storage preferences = SD card"

And here is a link for phones that do still offer adoptable storage: (Yes there are some out there, but Motorola is moving away from it — so you buy more expensive phones with more built in storage)

Companies can make more money from you if they remove the expandable or adoptable storage options. Buying a phone with 64 GB built in storage is going to be more expensive to you but more money for them for example. They would rather you pay more for the phone than have you buy a SD card which is pretty cheap. If you look at it from their side it’s pretty wise and smart but from our side it’s frustrating and annoying.

Welcome to 2021

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Or the performance hit which is getting larger every day as things like UFS 3.1 memory is used, or the factory resets that come from corrupted cards, or the support burden that come from phones that won’t boot because of corrupted cards, or a whole bunch of other factors that are quite legitimate downsides could be it.

Well there are lot of Best SD card but as per my suggestion you have buy a SANDISK SD Card bcoz as myself only I using this n it has been 7 yrs n still its working properly


The SanDisk is the one I got and it worked great in old phone and in new, easily formatted as internal storage.

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Thank you..

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