What's the Difference between USB-C and my Normal USB Cable?


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Imagine you’re at a coffee shop waiting on an important call, your phone is about to die and you forgot your phone charger. You feel a rush of panic and only have a few options. Either drive home and search of your charger or bite the bullet and buy a brand new one. This scenario changes with a USB-C port. The USB-C port is universal, you’ll be able to ask the person with the laptop next to you to borrow their laptop power cord and it will automatically safely charge your phone. You can even borrow power directly from another…


Great to see PWK articles linked within the forum. I have always wondered about that.

Several of my co-workers (all the same family) have switched exclusively to Apple, now I can’t use their chargers anymore.


True of iOS devices though adapters exist. If they’ve got a MacBook, however, it uses USB-C.


By the time it’s truly near being universal a new USB format will likely be be introduced.


We use a killer Fender mini-amp to broadcast music from our phones, they need the adapter to plug their phones into the amp’s 3.5mm jack. I guess I need to buy an Apple usb-c to micro-usb charging adapter.

Doesn’t seem fair. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s the alternative of carrying a battery with you. On the bright side you could jumpstart someone’s car for them!


I believe this falls in the realm of relevance.

Interestingly enough, I have changed my daily charging habits in the past several months, because I have more ‘quick-charge’ chargers around lately. I have found, (with my MXP), that I can get plenty of charge in the morning within my normal routine.

I’m all for faster, quicker, more efficient data/power connections. :grinning:

(edit: I should note that I charge my phone to [~85% | >15%] using an app. with subtle notifications)


The Moto X Pure supports TurboPower which is their quick charging standard that supports up to 25 watts. This is great and Is actually more wattage than the my Google Pixel XL which maxes out at 18 watts using USB-PD.

Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 are also useful but are proprietary technologies that require extra licensing fees for manufacturers. Google has taken a stance on this and will likely require OEMs to use USB-PD for any USB-C phone. If everyone embraces the open standard of USB-PD we increase interoperability and hopefully decrease costs.

Interested to know what app you are talking about, I’m not familiar with any app that changes/improves charging behavior.


Don’t buy this from apple, save lots of money at buy it from monoprice.com instead! USB Type-C, HMDI, any cable you can think of they sell, for much less dinero. :blush:

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