What's the status of the iPhone beta?

It’s been a while since the iPhone beta started and I’m wondering when there will be an update on if and when RW is moving forward with fully supporting the iPhone.

The new iPhone SE that was announced today (https://www.apple.com/iphone-se) looks like it is exactly the phone I’ve been waiting for. Perfect, non-huge, size. Great specs and good price. AND I finally could stop being ‘that guy’ in my family and friend’s group texts that can’t FaceTime with them and who causes the quality of the videos they text to become unwatchable.

Please tell me it is getting close. I don’t know if I can hang on with Android much longer. I really want that new iPhone SE but also really want to stay with RW (have been here since day one on Nov 2011).


Sorry you had to wait for a bit to receive any feedback from the community ,
Here is a link to the category iPhone Beta for you.
I found it at the bottom of the Community page … under Early Adopters

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Thanks, but really what I was looking for is to know if there is any update on when RW might fully support the iPhone (I’m not in the beta test). Or has the test reveled that they don’t intend to really move forward with the iPhone? I’ve scanned through the topics listed at the category you linked to but don’t see the answer to any direction or timing they have with the roll out of this.

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Hi @algihu,

I am participating in Republic’s iPhone beta. There is as of yet no more information regarding a potential timeline for general availability. Likewise, there has been nothing to suggest Republic does not intend to move forward. General availability remains the goal, however, as with any beta there’s no guarantee.


Hi @algihu, thanks for reaching out!
We are still ongoing with “BETA” status for the iPhone. Due to the current concerns regarding Covid-19, we have shifted focus to make sure our members are taken care of for essential needs (affordable service, access to data, etc.). Once we are able, we do plan to shift focus back to our BETA initiatives, and will hopefully be able to provide a timeline in the upcoming months.

If you don’t want to wait for general availability, you are welcome to join the BETA program - we are always eager to have motivated testers!

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