What's your favorite reward app?


Recently I downloaded the Smoothie King app on my phone. I usually turn down reward signups because I’m afraid to be bombarded with spammy sales emails.

However, I was visiting my local Smoothie King so frequently the store manager insisted I try it out. I instantly got $2 off my smoothie and they texted me a coupon. I thought I’d be annoyed with text messages but so far I’m not, they’ve only texted me twice since signing up last Saturday.

In the app, you can earn points. For every $0.01 you spend you earn one point, points are redeemable for coupons and free smoothies!

Now I’m curious about other great (non-annoying) reward apps out there. What rewards apps are you excited to get notifications from?


the main one I use id the Google Reward app

take a few surveys and get credit for apps, music or movies


I’m also a fan of the Google Opinion Rewards App but also use Gas Buddy’s new buy with Gas Buddy to save money on every gallon of gas that I buy. I also keep the Sheetz App on my phone for earning points on my purchases there.


I’m downloading Gas Buddy now, thank you! I paid $3.50/gal a few days ago :confounded:


For the discount you have to agree to pay through them. It’s painless. And if you’re a Shop Your Way member you can get 30 cents a gallon for two months, and 15 cents a gallon after that in SYW credits. It’s pretty great.


I hope that price is for premium gas.


Google Opinion Rewards is my best friend. It is how I manage to use apps that have micro-transactions without having to spend real money.
Other than that, I use the Shell Fuel Rewards app. Gets me 5 cents off every gallon, with some opportunities to get more off.


Yeah, it’s premium. Gas Buddy just showed me a station that has $2.95/gal :raised_hands:


Does your car require premium? Premium gas does not increase gas mileage.


I’ve got two cars, one a plug-in hybrid that I nearly never put gas in and the other a car that requires premium. On the car I actually have to fill, I know your pain!


@billg yes it does, I made the mistake with my last car trying to get by with mid-grade and ended having exhaust issues. I guess that was related to the gas…at least that was the mechanics theory.


It’s best to use gas with the octane rating stated in the car’s operating manual.


The only rewards app I use is Starbucks.
I used to have Gas Buddy, gave it up. I already know where the gas is the least expensive for my area. If I shop in Kroger’s or Ingles sufficiently I’ll get 10 cents a gallon off their gas. (Each store gives 10 cent a gallon for each $100 you spend in their store up to $1.00 off a gallon). Sometimes I hit the jackpot at BJ’s and get 25 cents off for each gallon of gas.


I sold my phone out to ads with SlideJoy. When I turn on my phone, it shows me an ad (which I can just ignore and swipe away) but it pays me out a few dollars every so often direct to paypal or amazon.

As for things I earn reward points on, I drink too much Dunkin Donuts so that’s on my phone reminding me that I still have 4 free drinks that expire within the next two months. (I have a Starbucks app but they aren’t located near me)

Google Opinion rewards was already mentioned.


Wait they pay you just for looking at an ad? :open_mouth:


So now I’m curious…

What makes a great reward app great?

I’ve read somewhere that consistent, predictable rewards turn out to be less effective than unpredictable rewards. But from the responses in this thread, it looks like you all prefer apps you can count on to deliver specific rewards for specific actions.

I use the Cocacola Freestyle app, which sometimes rewards me for scanning Freestyle machines. Since I drink tea all the time it’s an odd reward app for me to have, but when someone offers me an Amazon gift card, I find I’m willing to be little more creative in my beverage choices.

Is anyone using any of the apps that are meant to replace clipping coupons? I tried one of them for a while, but kept having my purchases rejected for various reasons, so I gave up on it. I’d love to know of one that actually works.


I enjoy apps that provide a combination of predictable & unpredictable rewards. For example, I have the Chick-fil-a app. It allows me to collect points towards a free “treat” anytime I eat there, but I will also randomly get a free treat every so often. When I do get those random ones, it actually pushes me to go there to use it since the random ones usually expire after a week.

I don’t use any apps specifically designed to replace clipping coupons, but I do love Harris Teeter’s app - it allows me to clip the digital coupons from their weekly ad & automatically redeems them when I scan my VIC card in the store. :slight_smile: