What's your phone's home screen?


This is a thread where one can show off one’s Republic Phone’s home screen.
As this is public facing thread i ask that we keep personal information off the images and that its safe for work as we do have a few younger members around
I’ll start off with my current Moto X 2nd [as my new Moto Z2 Play will not be delivered and setup till this weekend]

I’m running the paid version of Nova launcher with the pixel icon pack

We love our members, and we want to show our appreciation!
Hate smart phones

Nice @drm186.

I also use the paid Nova Launcher. The launcher has so many customization options that you can do a lot of cool stuff with it.

I currently have a Moto G (1st Gen) right now. My current layout draws inspiration from the current Google Pixel layout. I also use a widget called Another Widget (what a creative name) to get the date and weather info. It also displays calendar events.



Now that’s a funky wallpaper. Did you create it or one you found? Is it your primary one used or is the normal wallpaper hidden for privacy reasons?

Using same version of Nova and find it has many advantages/features missing or too difficult to find in the Google launcher. Should be interesting to see how others set up their home page and their use of folders or additional pages… Thanks.
My G3 home page and my other phones are basically copies.

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It’s been my wallpapper for a few months now (I change the look every now and then jusyt to keep the phone fresh (It’s over 3 years old) the current one was just an Republic Wireless image search on google, dowloading it and setting as wallpaper (I will most likely use a different wallpaper on my new phone)

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Here is mine. Using Nova Launcher Prime.


The techs here in the office look at my phone then look at me like I’m crazy and say, “It’s just app icons?!” Yeah, but it’s my go-to apps in an arrangement that makes sense to me.

I use the free version of Nova Launcher and love how easy it is to export/import the home screen whenever I change phones.

There are two widgets on the screen. I’m not sure I could function without either. At the top is the Smooth Calendar widget, which pulls events from my Google Calendar. That was introduced to me here in Community by a dear former community pal, @munster, who has since moved to another provider. The row of white icons near the bottom are actually a widget of tools created in Widgetsoid, another app I learned about in Community, from @carlh.

@drm186, how about your keyboard? Do you have that customized? I love that Gboard lets me embed a photo. I get to enjoy my daughter’s college graduation every time I type!


I did not know one could add a wallpaper/photo to the g-board
Here what I just put together

Also I see Nova launcher is very popular here 5 out of 5 so far are using it and 4 of the, have paid for it [I got mine on a Christmas sale for $1]


I’m using Nova Launcher Prime as well on a Moto X4. We don’t get snow here in Phoenix so we only get to look at pictures of it:


My home screen on the Moto G4plus.

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a Drive Fi user I see a nice little program written by a community regular and former ambassador @bitflung
as you didn’t state it are you using the default launcher?


Yes, using what came with the phone.
I need Drive Fi when I’m a passenger, especially around town so all my saved WiFi sites don’t keep hooking up as we pass.


here’s mine :slight_smile:
that widget at the top left is a favorite of mine - it’s my calendar for the next 24 hours, showing meetings in their analog-clock time slots. love it and have something similar on my Android wear watch.

that’s lil’bit and littler’bit in my wallpaper. I scroll to the next homescreen page a good deal and their faces are more visible there.


I usually change my desktop photo every so often. This is the current one. The photo is of a nice bend in the Toccoa River that I took while up in the Blue Ridge Mts. This is the top page, I use several pages. I don’t like a lot of apps on my desktop, so I put them in one of the 3 groups that I have on the second page.


I like the photo.


That’s mine, a :cookie: for anyone who can identify what’s in the center of the screen.


I also use Nova Prime, have for years on all my Android devices. I use 3 pages, and 2 dock pages. I usually just have a black background, but I found this nice AMOLED - friendly one with a splash of color. I use HD Widgets on the top for time and weather. ExDialer for phone, Textra for texting, HERE WeGo for offline nav with an icon to get me home. And Wordfeud…I’ve been playing that with my sister for 2 or 3 years.


Hi @jumphour,

I might have to try wordfeud! I downloaded wordswithfriends a few weeks ago thinking I’d give it a try, then realized I didn’t have any friends! :crying_cat_face: Challenging someone I didn’t know to a game felt… icky.

Great background, too!


however will I find the important apps???


Your missing the importan app Anywhere (what are you doing with Messages on your home screen :stuck_out_tongue:


waiting for anywhere hq

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