WhatsApp help for a dummy LOL

Okay, so when answering, keep in mind I’m technologically challenged. Haha I don’t even know what a VOIP is. Seriously. I’ve never bothered using WhatsApp because I know RW doesn’t have intl. calling, BUT I’m being told that I could use it over WiFi. Ok, great! So, when I dial the number, do I start with the country code, and then the 8-digit number (I have friends in Mexico and Honduras). Someone please advise in kindergarten terms. LOL

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Hi @keving.nq9iae and welcome to the Community!

By no means am I a WhatsApp expert as I don’t regularly use it. That said, my understanding is WhatsApp cannot be used to make calls as one traditionally does. Rather, WhatsApp can be used to call only others also using WhatsApp by selecting that person from one’s WhatsApp’s contacts.

If the folks you wish to call in Mexico and Honduras are not using WhatsApp on their end, you’ll need a different app. I suggest Rebtel:

Unlike with WhatsApp, one may use Rebtel to call international numbers. Doing so, however, is not free.

If both you and the folks you wish to converse with are using WhatsApp, calls are free.

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Thank you for this information. Anyone with whom I might wish to chat on WA would have it as well. My question was about actually dialing the number from WA. I hope I can figure it out.

You’ll need to add them as a contact. Information on searching for an international contact by phone number can be found at:

Once you have them added as a contact, it’s as simple as this:
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