WhatsApp in UK while traveling

When going to UK in May, if I’m on WiFi, will WhatsApp work to contact family who live in UK? Or will I need a local Sim?

Republic does not have any International service.
You will need to be on unrestricted wifi with the RW SIM in in order to make use of your Republic Service.

Or get a local SIM and plan to have local calling, texting, and data ability.
But that depends on what phone you have, if it is one of the current 3.0 or BYOP unlocked devices, you can install a different GSM SIM. The old, legacy phones are locked to Republic and can not take a different SIM.

This page may be informative to you:

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To specifically answer your question. Yes, while on wifi in the UK WhatsApp will work and if the family in the UK also has WhatsApp, it’ll work to reach them. You only need a local SIM if you’re looking to have CELLULAR service.

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