Whatsapp messaging help


I recently got a new Moto Z with Nougat. Somehow the standard android messaging app has now taken over my Whatsapp messaging and everything goes to the standard Android app. I’d rather the Whatsapp messages stay in the Whatsapp app and NOT go over to Android messenger. (For one reason, I can’t find the Whatsapp messages once they cross over into Android messenger).

I’ve gone into the settings and advanced settings on the standard Android messenger, but there doesn’t seem to be any option that tells the standard messenger app to let go of Whatsapp. When I try to open Whatsapp, the standard messenger opens and I can’t even get to the Whatsapp settings. On top of that, the standard Android app doesn’t seem to save the Whatsapp messages – it sends them, and I get a reply which I can see on the lock screen, but I when I tap to open the text to reply, the Android messenger app opens and the text is gone.

I just thought I’d check and see if anyone else has been through this and has any advice on how to use two separate messaging apps on the same phone. I’d even settle for how to find my Whatsapp messages once they disappear into Android messenger. Thanks in advance for any assistance.


It should not be possible for Whatsapp messages to go anywhere but Whatsapp. Whatsapp doesn’t touch the standard message store, and Android Messages doesn’t touch the Whatsapp data. I would start with an uninstall/reboot/reinstall of Whatsapp and see if that doesn’t resolve the situation.


Thanks. That did it. When I got the new phone, I used bluetooth to move all the apps over from my old phone and I had never signed into Whatsapp on the new phone (maybe that’s why it wouldn’t open). When I removed it, started over and got a sign in page, it worked.


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