When activating new phone...?

When a new phone received, turning it on activates it, correct? After that, what will the old phone still be able to do or what will I still have access to? Also, does that change the billing cycle if everything is the same except the day of the month you begin using the phone?

Merely turning on the phone is insufficient. One must activate the new phone as described by Republic here: How to Activate a Cell Phone or SIM Card – Republic Help.

Presuming you move your number from old to new phone, the old phone will be able to do everything it does today other than make and receive calls and exchange text messages but only when attached to a WiFi network. In other words, the old phone would function as a mini WiFi tablet.

When one replaces a current phone activated with Republic by activating a new phone with the old phone’s number, there is no change to one’s bill cycle. If necessary, due to a change of plan, Republic would prorate both old and new plans, so that you would not be paying for plans on both phones simultaneously.

If more specifics are desired, we would need to know the brand, model and generation for both old and new phone.

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Thank you for this information! So will I still have access to the text messages, including pictures from the old phone? Or do I need to save what I want first before activating the new phone? Thank you for the insights.

You’re most welcome!

Yes! If you wish to move text message threads to the new phone, there’s some great advice from fellow members (Republic likes to call customers members) linked here: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone.

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Oh my goodness! I will stop being scared to open the new phone and get going on it then! Thank you and I will surely look up the link you provided! (Can you tell, I’ve lost stuff changing phones before? Minorly traumatic, right?!?)


Hi @laurindab,

So long as you don’t factory reset the old phone and there’s no need to do so, you won’t lose anything. Anything that doesn’t for some reason make it to the new phone will still be safe on the old phone.

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Ok, I attempted to use sms backup late last night and after a series of trying it twice, it said it failed due to not enough internal memory. :frowning: Not sure why it needs internal memory since I was attempting to back up to google drive? No memory is a contributing factor in getting a different phone! So, I have a couple more questions. I am unclear if I will still have a way to save/listen to any voice messages, and text messages, including any pictures on them.? I didn’t see a way to save voicemails. Can I record them another way even after the phone becomes deactivated?

Good question, to which I’m afraid I don’t have a definitive answer.

May we know the brand, model and generation of the old phone?

Voice messages generally are accessible on the new phone once service is moved from the old phone. Text Messages don’t move from old to new phone without the help of an app. This one is capable of moving much more than text messages but can do that only: Switch Mobile Transfer. Perhaps, it will succeed where SMS Backup didn’t.

Does the phone need to still be activated to use the switch mobilie transfer app? Thank you for your responses.

It does not. It simply needs to be connected to a wifi network.

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