When add data to plan, does it only use the data when wifi not available & you're online?

Hi, first time adding data to my new plan,
Just wanted to make sure that when I’m online at home with WiFi, it does use my wifi vs the added data,
And data is only used if I’m outside of any available wifi & trying to get online or send MMS?

Hi @cathyc.a6bmcn and welcome to the Community,

Yes, this is the inherent design of all smartphones (Android or iPhones) on all carriers (Republic or otherwise).

Again, yes, however, some apps will try to get online without one explicitly attempting to do so. For most of us any such cell data use is incidental but if one wishes to attempt controlling it, please see the following:

You are correct MMS uses data (WiFi or cell). Unlike some of its competitors, Republic whitelists (provides in the unlimited talk & text portion of its plans) cell data used for MMS. In other words, with Republic, MMS works on plans with no cell data. When cell data for Internet access is added, cell data used for MMS is not deducted from cell data purchased for Internet access.


Thank you so much!!
You helped me understand,
You’re a terrific ambassador!!!


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