When are data prices going to go down?

Seems like a lot of others spin off carriers have pricing on point with RW, however their data allotment is more per month.

When is RW going to allot more data on current plans/prices?

Hi @matthewjohn,

While we’re always looking for ways to improve the value of our service for our members, we don’t have any specific timeline to share concerning any changes to our plans.

I don’t think data prices need to go down, but more data added to the current plans would make Republic more competitive. For example, I have my kids on Mint, which now offers 10GB (up from 8GB) for $20 per month on a yearly paid in full plan or 4GB on their $15/month plan.

Republic has been a great service for me. I’ve been here since the beta days and I get by on my 1GB plan and have done so for years now, but any price advantage has significant diminished.

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Exactly. There is no price advantage anymore. In Beta days it was a no brainer but now when other companies (using the same basic cell towers) has more data for same price it makes me want to consider …

I think there’s a lot of us in the same boat. Inertia keeps us here, along with fond memories of a hometown company with innovative ideas.

Data costs are not stagnant, and with the onset of 5G (oh, and hello Elon Musk and Starlink) companies are going to need to earn their customer loyalty with more than nostalgia.


Lets bring this back up…
When are we going to get more data for current pricing OR when are the plans going down in price?


Republic does not comment on what plan changes may or may not be in the works. I am sure Republic will let us know if/when plan changes are coming up.

This is still a good topic. The industry marches on, technology advances and competition is driving prices down and plan content up. That’s a good thing and inevitable in such a dynamic market.

So we loop back to Republic, which really hasn’t done any of the above recently. This may well be explained by the fact that being owned by Dish (as in any corporate merger) necessarily puts the one bought on a pretty short leash, when it comes to making any substantial marketing decisions.

I would expect that any big service/pricing changes come hand in hand with a Big Announcement regarding how RW is going to be rolled into the Dish corporate offer set/branding strategy. Companies don’t buy start ups to allow them to continue to operate the way they have been (unless they’re rolling in cash). The split between Republic Wireless and Bandwidth probably separated (but maybe not?) the intellectual property / patents owned by Bandwidth, that probably is quite valuable.

The fact that nothing much has happened since the purchase is not too surprising, but time is marching on and it is getting towards the time where the next steps fall from the executive suites.

My $0.02

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