When are Iphones gonna be released to Republic?


It’s been over 6 months since the CEO of Republic announced that Republic Wireless would have iPhones in 2018? Whats the deal its July? I recently bought an iPhone 6s (Great cheap deal of 55$, for a Great phone,) and I would like to use it with Republic Wireless. Is there a release date that is already planned out or does Republic Wireless not know yet?


Republic Wireless doesn’t know (or anyone that does isn’t saying).


Republic CEO hinted that a iPhone centric product/feature would be coming sometime in 2018, what we don’t know is what he meant by centric, he could mean Republic will support iPhones for lines of service or he could mean that Republic Anywhere would work on an iPhone [perhaps someday including voice including voice in beta on android builds] or it could have been that the Relay would support an iPhone from another service [which it does]
My point is there is no guarantee that an iPhone would be supported as a Republic phone this year or any year, unless Republic makes an official announcement otherwise…

RW will sell iPhone in 2018
When is the iPhone going to be compatible with RW?
Iphones supported when?

I don’t use Republic Anywhere, but could you expand on this part of your reply …
“he could mean Republic will support iPhones for lines of service or he could mean that [Republic Anywhere] would work on an iPhone [including voice that’s in beta]”

especially: “including voice that’s in beta”?
Thanks very much


Republic is testing a version of Republic Anywhere that not only allows you to text but also allows you to make/receive phone calls from/to your Republic phone number on a device other than your Republic phone.


As of now, there is no iOS beta that includes calling. In fact, there hasn’t been an active iOS beta for some number of months now. Calling remains in private beta on Android and desktop platforms.


there are beta build of the Republic Anywhere app that support voice calling (apparently only on Android at this time)


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