When can I expect an answer to my fingerprint problem that already has an open ticket?

Have already "chatted"with 2 reps regarding fingerprint disappearing since recent upgrade. Have already done a cache wipe and been assigned a ticket. I was told at my last chat I needed “more Tech help”. No fix and no help. How long does it take?

how long has the ticket been sitting and what is it’s number an ambassador my flag it for a followup

make sure their not waiting on a response from you on the ticket Republic Help Open Tickets

at some point you may need to deal with Motorola as it’s their hardware and their Software update that killed this

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Help ticket was assigned yesterday…# is: 1117516.

Have you contacted Motorola at the link @drm186 provided? This is really their problem.

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I was waiting to see if possibly Republic could help in this situation. Obviously, my next step will have to be with Motorola. Tks.

I’m happy to make an inquiry with staff on your behalf. Meanwhile, please do me the kindness of double-checking your ticket when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help in case you might have missed an email response.

Hi @bernadettes.uazhny,

I just took a look and someone is currently working on your ticket. Some of our technicians were in an extensive training session this morning, so we may be a little behind in ticket responses. They’ve returned to their work stations are and hard at it now.

Since you already cleared the cache the next step would be a factory reset. If the problem persists after a factory reset then you will want to tell both RW and Motorola that it did. After that, it will be up to one of them, most likely Motorola, to replace your phone. In some instances RW has replaced phones acting on Motorola’s behalf.

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