When can I purchase the S21?

Does anyone know when the beta testing will end. Because of my location, I cannot participate in it. Need to be on Sprint. But I’d like to purchase the Samsung S21.

Hi @dotfoote,

The beta is over and Republic has announced compatibility with Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series here:


I was so excited until I reread your email. It is only for GSM coverage. I am now using CDMA because of our location.

Can you check the coverage for 29909 please and let me know if GSM will be spotty? I thought it was.

Hi @dotfoote,

I think there may be some confusion here. Republic’s bring your own SIM is and always has been GSM. For technical reasons, Republic does not make its CDMA SIM available for public sale. That’s true not only for Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series but for all Republic 3.0 compatible phones.

The above said, most Republic 3.0 compatible phones including the Galaxy S21 series are CDMA compatible. The process of requesting a Republic CDMA SIM for the Galaxy S21 series and any other CDMA network and Republic 3.0 compatible phone is described here:

One does need to have the phone in hand before making the request.

Finally, I agree, you’ll want to stick with CDMA coverage for your area.

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