When can we order Phones via RW again

Yesterday I tried to order a new phone and plan.

Both were in the cart, went to check out it was only charging for the plan. Looked at the cart both showed in there, so I went ahead and completed order.

Got e-mail saying some parts would be delayed and listed “SIM Dish”, didn’t mention phone anywhere.

Nice people here said there were some issues with phones disappearing from carts.

Called RW helpline today, they verified the phone order did not complete only the plan.

They said they would notify us either on the community boards, or emails when the stores are back up. Came here didn’t see thread about this issue to monitor. She also said I could buy the phone elsewhere. I really want to get it thru RW, because I know in the past they have honored their return policy for other customers.

Its frustrating to say a store is up again, close the thread about the online store closing, only to not be able to purchase what you need from the “newly opened” online store.

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I’m going to give the entirely unsatisfactory answer that if there was an answer, it would already be posted. Republic is aware of the store issue and is working to rectify it. Other than that we don’t have a projected time or any additional information. Soon :tm:


I wish I knew how to give you a LOL icon instead of just a like.

Loved your “trademark”

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What specifically are you looking for in a return policy? Like a dissatisfaction, return time period? As an example, if I were getting a new phone now it would be the Moto One 5G Ace. Buying directly from Moto gives the following return option.


Well, I seem to remember something like 30 day money back guarantee. (Note, this created a link when I posted, I see now its a 14 day…Still long enough for me to test to make sure its going to work out for us)

All in one returning the phone and plan would be nice (just like all in one ordering would have been nice :wink:)

Plus I know RW does honor its word as best possible, other companies not so much confidence in.

(Additional note: Other companies won’t necessarily have @southpaw and Ambassadors/experts working behind the scenes on our behalf if there is an issue)

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AND…when will they have a BOGO deal like the big guys???

@nesbocaj , right now I am just trying to buy one :pleading_face: to try one.

Would have made a great Christmas gift for the wife it it worked, and her and I are both on the CDMA, so we really need to be making sure this offering by Republic will work for our needs.

Is getting a spouse a phone for Christmas kinda like getting her a vacuum for the birthday? :thinking:

Perhaps, it’s time to renew one of my family’s traditions. When a present my parents purchased didn’t arrive in time for Christmas, mom would place a picture in a box, wrap it up and put it under the tree. And, back in the day, a picture generally meant cutting something out of a catalog or magazine with scissors.

Were we disappointed, sure. But not as much as when we opened a Christmas gift only to find it was underwear. :grinning:


Mr. Southpaw gave me a chainsaw for my birthday! :grin:


We balanced you this year, I asked for a vacuum from my wife.


If they said the store was back up I missed it!!

But now when I just checked the phone on RWs online store, The Samsung A32 5G is “out of stock”???

(Too bad I ordered the case and glass screen protectors from Amazon when I though I had ordered this phone from RW!!) :broken_heart:

My understanding is none of the phones are actually out of stock but there are ongoing glitches making it look that way for, at least, some of them. Candidly, and I understand there’s gifting involved, I suggest just waiting until the glitches are sorted.

RWs been good to me, and I got a glimpse in the behind the scenes RW world and like its honesty in dealings with customers.

That’s why I am going to stick around for a while, but I can imagine how those who aren’t that familiar with the good sides/people of RW are considering leaving.

If I remember correctly, you were, like me, a Republic Expert during the 3.0 transition, yes? As I recall, there were significant glitches with that launch as well. We (Republic and its members) got through that transition, we’ll get through this one.


I tried to be and “Expert” for quite a while, but work at my day job was too much to keep up with all the changes of new phones and plans that were going on to help out other customers. Glitches happen. RW stands behind its customers. Experts fight to get their customers concerns addresses, @southpaw is a Godsend for RW.

Journey to Expert:

  • Daughter wanted smart phone, so I researched and decided RW was the best cheap entry point.
  • Followed the RW message boards to learn as much as I could to answer any questions for daughter.
  • Wound up answering more of the questions than I was asking after a while from seeing all the other helpful posts from people like (CoreyK, LouisDi, JBen, yourself, etc list too big for here for fear of leaving other valuable contributors out.)
  • Switched all of our Verizon Flip phone lines over since I was so impressed with quality of service and support. AND SAVED MONEY on monthly plans and got Data!!
  • Was asked to become an expert.
  • It was fun most of the time, aggregating other times. Some customers (like me) just could never be satisfied no matter how hard we tried. Working with Directly was less than enjoyable experience for me.

Journey from Expert:

  • It was easier when we had limited phone selections. I’d try something on my similar model phone, document the steps to resolve their issue relay it, done! Or point the customer to the nice RW web site I knew about that would address their concerns. Simple.
  • It was much easier with limited plans as well.
  • “Bring your own phone” dramatically changed my ability to research and answer as many questions. I came from a flip phone to RW Moto X.
  • Before long I couldn’t take many tickets, and the ones I could answer were quickly addressed by more competent/faster experts.
  • My amount of free time to answer tickets went down dramatically because my day job company was cutting people and made those of us who remain do more.
  • I was kicked out for not answering enough questions.

Can’t complain (but I do :slight_smile: ), I had a good run. I enjoyed it and realize being an “expert” is a job better suited for people with more free time than I had, and a wider knowledge of the Smartphone world overall with the “Bring your own phone” options added to RW.

My current role is a Scrum Master at my current company. I was “promoted” to that role because I was a Team Lead they said was behaving more as a Scrum Master. Was always concerned about my team having the right resources, not getting thrown of task, helping out even non job related tasks that were impacting their thought at work, etc. My Director was laughing as I joined in a meeting while in my car because I had picked up a teammate whose battery died. He later told me it was because it confirmed why he wanted me to be Scrum Master.

I see Scrum Master as a cross between Southpaw, and an Expert. Just like a scrum master, I think the key to an RW Expert has to have a “servants heart”, but not only that, where I failed as an Expert, was they have to keep up with various trends in technology(new phones), and keep up with the internal plan offerings, which are a lot more complicated than when I was there.

Kudos to all you Experts, Ambassadors, etc. You do great work. I wish I had the skills and time it takes to do what you guy make look easy.

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I was able to complete my phone order!!

I got the similar email saying I left items in my cart that I had received last Thursday. But today the website allowed my billing information to be prompted for and accepted!

Plus I got a confirmation email for the phone I ordered!!

Just as a side note, I still never saw an announcement the store is open on email, nor the community. Only the same email saying I had items still in my cart I had last Thursday when the online store wasn’t able to complete the order.

There is a Community announcement here:

There had best be no thought whatsoever of sending an email alert to the member base as a whole until all the glitches are ironed out.

@rolandh ,

I saw that post (that was when I originally tried to order a phone and plan as well). But there were some issues with it taking the phone out upon checkout, an the second post of this thread was referring to it would be posted when the store was back up for getting a phone. That email/post was never sent that I could see unless it was buried in the 300+ posts somewhere in that thread.

Looking forward to getting the phone fingers crossed for before Christmas time, but the wife is getting a huge Starbucks card, and a empty phone case and glass screen protector for the phone if it doesn’t make it in time. Kind of like your old family tradition :slight_smile:

We had the extended family Christmas get together yesterday, and gift cards were everywhere!!! Some of the nephews gave lottery ticktets as gifts?!?

Soon it will be simple transfers into each others PayPal accounts. No thought required.