When does the 14 day money back refund begin on a phone?

I need to know when the 14 day money back cancellation begins on a new Republic Wireless phone. I purchased this Moto G Power on Feb 18 but didn’t receive it or activate it until some days later. I’m still within the 2 weeks, though. I just don’t like this phone!

Hi @joelp.2cb6xy,

The clock starts ticking from the day the phone is received (not ordered or activated). Please see here:

Is there something, in particular, you don’t like about the Moto G Power?

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Too big, Too complicated, Too difficult for me to use. I’m thinking about buying a Google Pixel 3XL on Swappa or something smaller. I wish that Republic would offer phones that are smaller. They get bigger all the time! I’d like to go to something smaller, even a flip phone. I guess that I’m old fashioned!
I’m in the process of reactivating my old phone and changing everything back to it.

For the purposes of how the return option works, our account portal is not able to “read” FedEx delivery date. So if your order was delayed in the recent FedEx delivery disruption, the automated return process as outlined in that Help Article may not be available to you. If that’s the case, please open a Help Ticket and our Help Team will be glad to assist you with the return.

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I have one more day on my 14 days since purchase, so I’m OK, I think on that. Thanks again.


That’s a lot of particulars. Thank you for being willing to indulge my curiosity.

I’ll admit to being perplexed as to why you’d find the Pixel 3 XL (the XL indicating it is extra large albeit not as large as the 2021 Moto G Power) as opposed to the Pixel 3 of interest. In any event, perhaps, this will help is sizing up (poor pun intended) various compatible phone options:

You are not alone in such preferences. That said, for better or worse, the market continues to trend (and has been for some time) toward ever larger phones.

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