When exactly will the Moto G⁴ PLAY go on sale

Can anyone please tell me when exactly will this phone go on sale? It’s now 12:20am EST 1/18. I’m hitting Ctrl+F5 on Moto G PLAY (4th Gen.) | Republic Wireless in incognito, but it’s still saying “OUT OF STOCK” and “Coming soon! Available later today”.

(I believe the Huawei Ascend 5W (Huawei Ascend | Republic Wireless ) went on sale right at 12am EST on 12/13.)
Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

Reference info:

When the 3.0 plans kicked off, it started sometime in the mid morning. I believe one of the RW staffers specifically said it would start when they started working hours. That Huawei disaster started at midnight and you see how that turned out.

Keep trying. I read suggestions from previous posts that you should clear your internet cache, too (unless using incognito effectively does that).

Since, this is not a “while supplies last” sale… I would expect it to be available during normal business hours.

Hi @joshua_olson ,

I certainly hope you didn’t stay up all night clicking refresh. Processes are in motion to make it available shortly. I would expect it available in the next few moments. I’ll update you if something should cause a delay.

The G4 Play appears to be live…

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