When I get a new phone is there a way to transfer contacts and apps?

would like to know if I can transfer data and apps from other phone onto new phone.

Yes, that is easy. When you log into your new phone with the same Gmail address that is on your old phone you will get your contacts, calendar, most of your apps and even your Photos is you set the Photos app up on your old phone.

Your stuff should be found here:



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As Billg says, most of your stuff should come across when you sign onto the new phone with your same gmail address. A couple of caveats however:

Your contacts will come across ONLY IF they are set as Google Contacts on your phone. I think this is standard on newer versions of the Android OS, but I have had several older Android phones where the default was “local storage”, meaning that your contacts were stored on the phone rather than in your Google Account.

Also, if you want your text messages (SMS and MMS) to come across to the new phone you will need to use a utility to do this. Some phones, like Motorola, have built in utilities for this. I use an app called “My Backup Pro” which will let you selectively back up and restore just about anything from one phone to another, including local contacts, text messages, etc.

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