When i go to messaging I keep getting -"Message not sent" and under that "touch to review the message"

What phone do you have? moto g3

What plan are you on? 1 gb monthly plan–

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

A few days ago I got an icon next to the Republic icon-top left -when i go to messaging -it comes up and says “message not sent”
and under that it says"touch to review message an…" I swipe it away -and then it comes back when i check messages again…Why won’t it go away?

You probably still have one or more unsent messages…take a look at your recent conversations and see if there are any unsent messages over there. Once those unsent messages get sorted out that message should stop appearing on your phone.

Also, just to be clear RW does not support the old Messaging app…the one with this icon :messaging: … RW recommends and supports the Google Messages app that looks like this icon :messages:

thanks,I have the newer looking google messaging app-I lookout my messages and they all look like they were sent!

In the past there would be a little red icon triangle thing next to the message -that said something like “couldn’t send”…

ok thanks…and you’re still getting the “message not sent” notification that can’t be dismissed?

yes, i just googled the issue -a number of people have had it -one solution was download “handcent” messaging app and delete unsent messages–I couldn’t make it work-Maybe I’ll just get used to new icon…

Might be worth trying to clear the app cache and see if that helps.

Settings -> Apps -> Messages
Tap on Clear Cache

I did that first thing- I force stopped - started again- I went to notifications etc…

Couple of other thoughts that come to mind are try to restart in Safe Mode and see if that helps you get ride of the notification.

Also you can try to Clear Cache if you haven’t tried that already. This is the system cache…and it is different from the app cache in the other suggestion.

Have you tried tapping it to see where it takes you, or long-pressing (touch and hold) that notification to see what the rest of the sentence is?

I just tried system cache clear and safe mode !
Nope! When i touch it …it just takes me back to the messages page-when I hold it down it takes me to a small black messaging info screen-when I press the "i "-it takes me to app notifications-block or priority -both are off…

Hi @cosmok.z0vnws,

I think I’ve been helping you in our Expert platform, and I’m sorry the conversation fell silent here! I believe we’ve realized that you’re currently using the :messaging: messaging app that came installed on the phone, and I’ve suggested you try the :messages: Message app Google has replaced it with, to see if that clears up the issue.

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