When I lose reception in bad areas, I can only regain it by removing and reinserting the SIM card

phone: motorola e4

plan: just talk & text, no data

Issue Description

whenever i’m in an area with no reception (i.e. high in the mountains, underground, and most frequently in a room below our building’s elevator), i lose reception, as can be expected. but when i lose it, the SIM card appears to be ejected in a way, because almost as soon as the little icon displays “no service,” the Republic app doesn’t recognize that there’s a card in. even when i move into an area i know has reception and restart my phone, it doesn’t work. removing the SIM card and sliding it back in fixes the problem every time, but i feel like it should automatically reconnect when it’s available, and i’m getting kind of tired of doing this all the time. anyone know if it’s maybe a setting i toggled on or off accidentally, or what i can do to fix it?

You may want to check to ensure that you are really at the latest software for this phone.
Be sure to check this ‘fix’ info provided by @rolandh in a previous discussion WIfes new E4 sim card error then read both of the following official updates


Hi @sarahhmitchell,

I believe this may be the issue you are facing, and the solution is to update the Android Build, as @jben suggested.

@sarahhmitchell Are you still having this issue?

no, i ran several updates on the phone that I hadn’t known about and it appears to have fixed the problem



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