When I purchase a new phone, can I request to use the Sprint network instead of the T-mobile network?

I live and work in a somewhat rural area and based on coverage maps, it looks like it would be better to be on the sprint network than on the T-mobile network. My understanding is that when you go to buy a phone Republic automatically chooses the best network based on your home address, but given my non-wifi usage locations, I would prefer to be able to select the network that would work best. Is there a way to request a specific network when you upgrade to a new phone?

You can either request Sprint with a zip code that would let you have Sprint or the most common way is to either buy a byop phone that can use Sprint or Tmobile and get a GSM sim card for Tmobile then make a support ticket out after activation and ask to be on Sprint.
The choice is made by a computer choice on your location so a zip code in a Sprint area can happen but I don’t know how to actually pick that zip code.

We were in the same boat. We ordered a Moto E4, which will work with either T Mobile or Sprint. It was set up for T Mobile when we got it. We knew we could get Sprint coverage. They spent us a Sprint sim right away and we now have cell service at home. Never had it before.

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Thanks! I’m looking especially at the G6 play and the E5 play. Do you know if these phones support both Sprint and T-mobile?

the Moto G6 Play supports both CDMA and GSM,
the Moto E5 Play is GSM only


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