When i run out of data i can't receive text messages

when i run out of data i can’t receive text messages. seems like something is wrong.

A bit more information would help
Which phone?
Which plan?
When on WiFi

  • Can you send messages?
  • Which Messaging App do you use?

I have a moto x pure, 3.0 plan, I pay 20 a month.

on wifi i can send messages, I use the blue message app.

Assuming the blue message app is the Android Messages then we both have the same phone/plan/app … but I am not having problems.
Could you check the App settings /Advanced and post back any functions you have turned on, and if possible are the messages you are not receiving are MMS or Group messages

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I can’t find app settings

Open the Android Messages app
Tap the 3 dot ‘Menu’ top right then select 'Settings’
Tap Advanced

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