When I save attachment photo from text message on my MOTO G 3rd Gen, it is not showing up in my Gallery or Google Photos. Where might it be saved?

I followed the suggestion to the question on how to save an attachment from a text message, but i cannot find the photo anywhere stored on my phone so i can share via email or facebook.

check downloads

@drm186’s answer is correct

  • (to find ‘Downloads’ it is the one found in Gallery/Albums/Downloadnot the *Downloads *found in the ‘Apps’ section (round blue with down arrow)

on My Moto X 2nd it shows up in both the Gallery’s download folder(album) and in my download app (or in the download folder using “Total Commander” app or any other file folder explore app)

My comment was tested on a G3 … guess there is a difference between phones …shocking


It only shows in the Gallery/Album/Downloads, not the regular Download app on the Moto G 3rd gen

@heathp.snzbdk, Thanks for confirming

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