When I send a text sometimes it will appear twice

Occasionally when I send a text it will appear twice. It also happens when I add pictures.

Confused, thanks. Joe

Information that would help:

  • Which phone?
  • Are you using the latest approved Messaging app? (Either Republic Anywhere or Google Messages)
  • Does this occur on WiFi or Cell … or both?

Hi @josephm.ag7v9a,

Have you been able to solve this mystery of texts appearing twice? Would you like to continue troubleshooting with the Community?

Hi Ms. Southpaw, I wasn’t sure I would hear from you again. You were very helpful a couple of months ago.

Firstly I met a coworker of yours a few weeks ago at the post office and next thing I know I was given a beautiful t-shirt. A big thank you to you two.

Now back to the double texting, it happens once in a while and I don’t know why. It’s not really a big deal but thought it was strange.

Hi @josephm.ag7v9a,

I came in your post office the other day and was a little afraid someone was going to recognize me! (I’m a complete introvert, so being spoken to in public would terrify me.)

If the double texting just happens once in a while, and is only one double text we usually see that happen when the Wi-Fi network is spotty or the phone transitions out of Wi-Fi, so the phone manages to send it on Wi-Fi, doesn’t get any acknowledgement that it sent, and sends it again on cell. It’s a bit of an annoyance, but we don’t have a fix for it.

If it happens a lot, or the recipient is getting dozens of the same text, then that’s an issue we’d want to look into and solve.

Morning friend, double texts is really not too often so no need to escalate. Hope you have a great holiday. I really appreciate the special treatment.


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