When I signed up my number assigned was in a different area, the 503, but I live in the 206



When I signed up I was assigned a number in the 503, but I live in the 206 calling area. I decided to live with it for a little while, because I needed the service immediately. Now that I’m more comfortable with the phone and service, can I get a 206 number? I don’t have a number to port. Ideally I’d like to make the swap out this weekend.


Hi @discord,

You can change your number as outlined by Republic here:

Currently, Republic has 206 area code numbers available in a single exchange at 206-413-XXXX, which is Mercer Island. Area codes 253 or 425 (if acceptable) offer more choice.

Finally, there is this convoluted workaround for acquiring a number elsewhere for transfer to Republic:


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