When I unlock my phone I get websites just popping up at all different times


A fellow employee, an ITEC inturn working at our school ‘helped me’ by downloading something to make phone quicker and better. Now when I unlock my phone I get all sorts of websites opening in Chrome at all different times.

How do I stop or remove what is causing these sites to always open up?



Hi @timothyf.hjwnxe!

It sounds like one of those rogue apps. If you were not having these issues before the app was downloaded, there is a high likelihood that the app is the culprit. Do you know what he installed on your phone? If so, delete it and see if that fixes the problem. If you don’t know, download a high-rated antivirus app like TrustGo Antivirus & Security - Android Apps on Google Play . Sometimes antivirus apps can tell you which apps are hijacking your phone by showing you their permissions. View the permissions and find the one that allows Chrome to open. If there are a few, uninstall the newest one. Hope that helps!




The advice above is good. You should also be aware, that there really aren’t any apps that can make your phone run faster for better. Any app that claims such a thing is likely no more than a vehicle for advertising and the type of experience you are having.



Seems like it was something like AP Pure? I uninstalled it and am waiting to see if any websites just open up when they want.

Thank you for your help. Will keep you posted.



Be assured that there will NOT BE anyone but me downloading ANYTHING on my phone again!

Thank you all for your help.


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