When is 5G coming to RW?

When is 5G coming to RW? I just bought a 5G phone should I send it back for a refund?

Hi @ronaldp.katlsw and welcome to the Community!

Official 5G support will come from Republic with the launch of new plans coming in December. I realize it’s December, however, Republic has not yet specified a date for the launch of its new plans. More here:

There is no need to return an otherwise Republic compatible 5G phone. 5G capable phones fall back to 4G LTE when 5G is unavailable.

Is the new phone intended as a replacement for a phone currently used with Republic? If so, as a starting point, may we know the current phone’s brand, model and generation?

The new phone is Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. I put the RW Sim card in it and was told the phone was not compatible! Does that mean when the new 5G service becomes available that the phone will still not be usable with RW?

Hi @ronaldp.katlsw,

I’m afraid Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3 is indeed currently incompatible with Republic but it’s not the lack of 5G service from Republic causing that.

There is not yet a published list of compatible phones for Republic’s forthcoming new plans. Those and other details regarding new forthcoming new plans are still to come.

That said, I’m reasonably confident, the Z Flip3 5G will be compatible with Republic’s forthcoming new plans. Nevertheless, may I ask what is the return window? Many retailers have extended return windows for the holiday season.

I have only until Dec 18th to send it back! I got a $300 credit on the new phone from a Galaxy S7 Edge return. I guess I could send in the old phone and just wait until 5G is available assuming the new phone will become compatible?

This is certainly an option. As mentioned in my initial response, I do expect Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3 to be compatible with Republic’s new plans when available. That said, until those new plans become available, no one can guarantee compatibility and I want to be candid with you.

Beyond that, is the Galaxy S7 Edge the phone you currently use with Republic? If so, do you have a plan for a working phone until Republic’s new plans become available?

I currently use a Galaxy A50 for my service with RW. The S7 Edge is used just for picture taking and web surfing.

Hi @ronaldp.katlsw,

Thank you for the clarification! I didn’t want to see you left without a working phone. Pleas let us know if you need anything else?

Thanks, I least I have a few days to think about it.