When is the iPhone going to be compatible with RW?


I’m leaving RW and i encourage 10’s of thousands to do the same if an official comment is not made about iPhone compatibility.


Republic’s official stance is they will not confirm or deny any phone will work now or will work (or not work) in the future until it is set in stone and the OEM agrees.

If you need to have an iPhone the at this time Republic does no look like the MVNO for at this time


I’m honestly not sure if this is a “threat” or a joke. You’re going to encourage “tens of thousands” to leave Republic for not supporting the iPhone when they signed up knowing that the company didn’t support the iPhone? Good luck there.


Hi @souloffitzgerald,

Most of us here are fellow members (other customers), so please know unless a staff member chimes in (which they may well do) our replies should not be construed as official comment.

I’ve been an iOS user since purchasing Apple’s original iPhone in 2007. Over the years, I’ve used both Androids and iPhones. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages.

The reality is Republic’s unique blended WiFi/cell service depends on an app and today that app is Android only. Porting that app to iOS is easier said than done. Apple’s CallKit APIs (application programming interfaces) and Republic’s foray into iOS support via Republic Anywhere I think bring the possibility of iPhone support closer to potential reality but we’re just not there yet and no one (at least outside of Republic) realistically knows when that might change.

For what it’s worth, I’m more than confident Republic will happily offer iPhone support when able to. No rational company leaves 25-30% of the market unaddressed without necessity.


I happened to leave Virgin Mobile after many years BECAUSE they only wanted to support iPhone.

If you don’t like the phone selections available, then just leave. You don’t need to get all up in arms about it.


One of the first 1,000 customers to RW and i didn’t want to leave but it’s sad RW refuses to adapt. I switched over to Mint Mobile which supports the iPhone. They are a pre-paid service but cheaper than RW.


It has been stated a few times…it is not up to RW, but up to Apple.
Apple, has very propitiatory software, vs Android which is open source.
RW is trying to work with Apple and is doing tests or some sort of development with iPhones…but to what extent and what progress they have made, they have not publicly commented on.

As far as Mint Mobile, many of use here have our own opinions on their style of offering service and the pros and cons/differences.