When making a call the other party can't hear me

What phone do you have? Moto X4

What plan are you on? Wifi plus 1G

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data,talk,text

Issue Description

People I call often say they can’t hear me. Often they just say volume is low but sometimes they can’t hear me at all.

To help users narrow down the problem with you, Could you do the following?

  1. Identify a willing party that consistently fails to test with
  2. Make a call over WiFi
    • Two(2) finger swipe down and place in Airplane Mode, then turn WiFi back on (note the RW Notification will indicate an Empty Blue Arc and state 'Airplane Mode ‘Not connected to the cellular network’) and it will state the it is on the ‘Republic Network’ on the call screen when call is made
  3. Note the call volume quality
  4. Call the same person over Cell
    • Two(2) finger swipe down,then Turn off WiFi, Tap your Router/Network name then slide top right toggle to the left … (note the RW Notification will indicate an Empty Blue Arc and state 'On Cell ‘Connected to the cellular network’_) and it will state the it is ‘Calling via Cellular Network’ on the call screen when call is made
  5. Note the call volume quality as compared to #3 above

Hi @WendyP.y64ui7
Did you figure out a fix for the problem you were having?

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I’m having the same problem with my Moto X 4. When I take it off WiFi the other party can hear me.

  • To help with the ‘same problem’ … could you go through the exercise outlined by me a couple lines above?
  • Does this happen on any WiFi or just your home WiFi?

it happens on all wifi, home, work, etc. I’m getting into the habit of turning wifi off to make any calls. It didn’t happen with my Moto X Pure, but I dropped it and got this replacement, I miss the Pure.

You may want to consider this route: Open a Ticket with Republic, provide them with examples of failing (low volume on WiFi) calls (time and numbers) … perhaps they can provide additional guidance

Thank you!

no, I restarted the phone, emptied the cache, made sure the software was up to date. The issue is random but frequent enough to be very annoying.

Hi @wendyp.y64ui7,

Does this issue happen on multiple Wi-Fi networks, or only on one?

You mentioned that it’s random. Once it begins is it consistent? For example, if you call the same person right back, can they still not hear you? If so, once the phone is in that state, could you test in safe mode?

Do you have any third-party recording apps on the phone?

@wendyp.y64ui7 Do you still need help with this issue?

Yes and it happened before I had a recording app on the phone. If I call them back they usually can hear me. It does happen on multiple wifis and without wifi

Have you tried uninstalling the recording app. The with nearly 100% consistency interfere with call audio.


Hi @wendyp.y64ui7,

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last heard from you. Have you been able to test calls with the recording app uninstalled? Is there any improvement in the other party’s ability to hear you?

I have been have this same problem for a while. Always when on wifi. I can do a handover to cell and the call quality improves. If I have a recording app i have no idea what it is?

Try booting up in Safe Mode to test without loading any 3rd party apps (this would eliminate any recording app) … it is only until the next boot then all is back to normal

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