When should I enable roaming data?

I just set up my new Moto X Pure edition phone. I disabled roaming as I did on my old phone because I don’t want to use any data if cell or wifi data isn’t available. However, even while connected to my home wifi, right next to the solid republic wireless arc is a solid triangle with a small triangle in the upper left. When I swipe down to see what the notification is, it tells me to turn roaming data on. Should I have roaming enabled all the time?

Republic uses the data channel for texts and therefore both mobile data and roaming data need to be left on in the Android settings, mobile data can be disabled in the Republic app without issues, 3.0 has no user roaming data so no need to disable it

When I turn it on with my new Moto X pure Edition it says you will incur significant charges and it’s under cellular settings and it’s telling me to turn it on because Republic uses roaming data to keep your texts… So will I incur significant charges

Republic as a prepay service you will never be charge without agreeing upfront

the is no Roaming data on Republic 3.0 plans so there no need to worry about being charge for it (still need in enable in the setting, warring is generic Android warning)

Cell data can be turn off in the Republic app but still needs to be enable in the settings

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