When speaking on phone the caller's voice is too soft; how can I increase it?

I’d like to be able to hear the other person’s voice better.

Is the call volume all the way up?
The buttons on the side of the phone turn the volume up and down. (while u are on a call)

What phone are using?
Are you using the built in earpice or some headset, like a bluetooth?/

A couple of other questions to add to the above
Is this on all calls or just to a few parties?
Is the low volume call over WiFi or Cell or both?

The phone is my new Moto 5 plus; I’ve only had it activated a few days and it replaces a Moto G that is approx. 4-5 years old, on which I could hear well. The side button volume control is all the way up and the ring tone is plenty loud (I’d like THAT to be softer if anything). I am not using an earpiece or bluetooth, just ear to the phone.
To answer jben, I’ve not made that many calls and I believe it’s both over WiFi and Cell because I’ve noticed the same thing making calls from home and from away-from-home. I was hoping there was something in ‘settings’ I could adjust but perhaps it’s just this model of phone is better in some ways but poorer in actual phone volume :frowning:

This seams to be a known issues with the Moto G5 Plus
1st question is there any system updates in Setting/about phone? as one of the updates was to address this (October of 2017) but even this was a minor increase and users are still complaining about it https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Moto-G5-Moto-G5-Plus/Low-Volume-During-Calls-via-earpiece-and-speaker/td-p/3664713/page/31

Hi @elizabethl.otm6go,

The volume control works differently in different situations. If there is no call in progress and no app being used, the volume button determines the volume of the notifications and ringtone. Use the volume-down button to lower the ringtone volume.

When in a call, the volume control button controls the call volume. Try adjusting it while the call is in progress. If you think there’s a hardware issue with the phone affecting the call volume, please don’t hesitate to address that with our support team or Motorola during your 1-year warranty period. You could try clearing the cache - sometimes doing so has been known to resolve audio glitches. See: How to Clear the System Cache on Motorola and Nexus Phones – Republic Help

(And although it isn’t what you asked about, but just to round out the tour of volume-button purposes - if you’re in an app that has audible media (games, streaming music or video, listening to an audio book or podcast) the volume control button will control the volume of that media.)

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