When switching from an old plan to a new 5.0 plan, might I lose cell phone coverage in my neighborhood?

I live in an area with not so good cell phone coverage. But, I have become used to the cell phone coverage in my neighborhood. While I generally depend on WiFi, it is important to me to be able to use the phone when the WiFi is not working.

If i switch to the new plans, is it possible my neighborhood cell phone coverage might be worse?

And, can I keep the old plan for the foreseeable future? Or could I readily switch back to an old plan if the new plan doesn’t work well in my neighborhood?

Do you know anyone in your neighborhood who uses AT&T? That would be the best way to find out short of trying it for yourself.


It might be the same, better or worse.


No, once you switch away from your grandfathered plan there’s no going back. In addition to @cbwahlstrom’s suggestion what you might do is try a new Republic plan using a new account and accepting a new number. If it works well, cancel the new plan leveraging Republic’s money back guarantee, then purchase another new plan SIM and move your current line. If it doesn’t work well, just cancel the new service and keep what you’ve got.