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Good morning. I am upgrading from a Republic Wireless Moto E first generation to a Republic Wireless Moto G Play 16GB. The Moto E has a 32 GB micro SD memory card in it with data on the card. I wish to put this card in the new phone. At what point in the activation process do I remove the card from the Moto E and put it in the Moto G? Before the activation process??? After the activation process??? During the activation process??? Thanks for any advice.

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Hi @jamesv.p2fz0v,

Other than you’ll want to insert the MicroSD card with your new G4 Play powered down, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s before or after you activate the phone.



I can’t find this clearly anywhere: is the RW SIM just for activation, or does it have to stay in the phone? What if I want to expand my storage/memory? I think you’re saying here simply that one can move their data over, activate before or after; but can you activate, remove the RW SIM, put yours back in & run with it?



the SIM needs to be in the Phone to work on Republic Network (both on WiFi and on Cell)

if the SIM and Micro SD card are on the same tray it can be removed to exchange/remove/install an SD Card and then reinstalled

It also can be remove when traveling internationally and replace with a local SIM or the country your in, but while the Republic SIM in not install you will not be able to us your republic number to call via WiFI


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