When will an MOS test be added to the RW app collection?


I’m probably wrong but I think RW was established to save costs by putting Wifi first.
But for some reason an MOS test was NEVER included in the software.
And I was just told that RW is “not allowed” to recommend third party software that would do it.
And there are a few out there and some even work.
But none are acceptable to RW.
SourceForge appears to be good, but third party.
And it’s not an Android Ap anyway.
VoipSpear may work but I’ll never know.'
It may even be great but, without paying, it just isn’t worth the time to figure out how to use it.
So why no packet loss, latency, jitter and MOS test built in to the RW app?
It would be better than one that is computer based anyway as it would report directly from the phone connection itself.
Too much trouble?
But I have a few connection issues that only such a test would expose.
So give me all the expert reasons why this is not possible, won’t work, costs too much, is too silly to add, is unneccessary or is an irrational request?.
It’s too basic and it should have been included since opening day.


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