When will I be billed after I choose a plan? How long until activated?


So I was thinking about activating my phone with one of the plans with RW tonight.

I have clicked on the RW app before and looked at all the plans and clicked on the plans to see how much they would cost, however I never clicked on any further because I didn’t want to be charged anything and was simply looking at everything.

What I want to know is, if I was to go on my phone right now and choose a plan “when” would I be billed/have money taken out of a debit card.

Would it be at the end of the month or would there be some fee or anything immediately taken out?

I am under an assumption that nothing would be billed until like a month later but I could be wrong which is why I wanted to go to the forum to ask first.

#1 - Once I choose a plan, if I have a debit card lets say as my payment option, will I get billed like a month later or what? Meaning nothing charged immediately?

#2 - How long does it take for me to get service after choosing a plan?

I read something that said if I activate a plan I would get charged immediately? Not sure if thats true which is why I am asking those two questions.


#1 You will be billed as soon as the phone is activated.

#2 Activation can take a few minutes up to an hour.

If you need assistance activating your phone, please see:



Republic is prepay so once plan is selected and confirmed you will be charged as the phone is activated


I don’t plan on really stopping my monthly payments/plan, but in case in the future if I ever couldn’t come up with the money in the future to keep paying is there a easy way to cancel the plan for like a month then get back on it.

So for example lets say I was on it for like 6 months then one month I can’t pay, is there a easy way to get off the plan and not get charged for the next month.

I don’t really think that would happen but I was wondering how that works with RW


There is no real easy way to do that. If your plan cancels you will lose your number. You would need to park your number for a small fee with a number parking service such as Number Barn:

If a payment is missed, you usually have a few days to pay the overdue bill. Anything longer than that, you would lose your number.

There are other ways of dealing with this so you don’t lose your number. Again, there is no easy way of doing it.


I think it’s worth noting that Republic suspends service for non-payment prior to outright canceling service. During service suspension, there is no risk of losing one’s number and there would be no need to transfer it elsewhere to prevent loss.

My understanding is suspension typically lasts about a month, though Republic doesn’t publish an explicit timeline I’m aware of. In any event, Republic would send multiple reminders via email prior to suspension and, again, prior to cancellation.

My suggestion to anyone experiencing an issue with payment would be to raise a help ticket with Republic and discuss their specific circumstances with staff. Republic would want to assist in any way possible.


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