When will iPhone be supported?

When will iPhones be supported? I assume the first thing @rolandh is going to try is plugging a new SIM card into an iPhone.

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If/when is an unknown at this time. I will say there would be another party to the conversation, Apple.

Maybe not the first thing but I would be inclined to try it. I’m also confident an already active new Republic SIM would function in an iPhone. Certain features such as wiFi calling and visual voicemail may not work. Apple, not the service provider and not the underlying carrier partner controls those and other iPhone features.

I would think it would be a short conversation. Boost supports iPhones (I would assume they do so on the new carrier).

To offer certain iPhone features each provider must have something called a “carrier bundle” arrangement with Apple. While I don’t know precisely what the negotiations would entail, I do know it’s not simply a matter of repurposing Boost’s, Ting’s or AT&T’s carrier bundle arrangement with Apple.

This is so true! Carrier bundle requirements are unique to each brand.

Might want to remove the picture of a person holding an iPhone on the plans page if they’re not currently supported.


You’re talking about this image, correct?

Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 12.41.18 PM

It does indeed look like an iPhone 11 or 12.