When will Moto E4 have CDMA capability?



I am thinking about a phone upgrade from my first gen Moto G. But I don’t want to give up my refund plan. As I understand it, I need to stick with a phone that has CDMA access. But I also want GSM access for international travel when I don’t have a wifi signal. The specs on the Moto E4 say that CDMA is “temporarily unavailable.” Does anyone know when it will be available?



there are still to many technical issues and dealing with multiple partners for Republic to put a timeline for this (the best guess is later this year and even that not set in stone)
see this from @SeanR Moto e4 carrier (temporarily unavailable) cdma


Hi @rstoeck

Just to be clear,

The Moto E4 is a 3.0 phone and will require a 3.0 plan regardless if it is GSM or CDMA.


Thanks for the info. So then it looks like there are no phone upgrade options?



Thanks for the info. I wonder why my search didn’t turn up that thread.


Hi @rstoeck!

Well, there are upgrade options, but you will have to purchase them used as Republic no longer sells them. The following phones are compatible with your current plan structure: Moto E1 and E2, Moto G1 and G3, and Moto X1 and X2. As long as the phones are Republic versions and not reported lost or stolen, they will activate just fine! You can find them on eBay, Swappa, and maybe even Amazon.



You’re not the only one who easily misses the important phone/plan upgrade details. Several times a month members ask why they are no longer on their refund plans.

RW’s web site is geared to provide information for new customers rather than those still on the 1.0/2.0 plans desiring to upgrade to a new phone.


Here is some additional information about International Travel with a Republic Phone that has been provided by @rolandh

  • The capability of heritage E/G/X differs greatly from all the current 3.0 phones
  • This and other community provided information is available in the Tips & Tricks section of the forum


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