When will Moto G 3rd Gen Be Updated to at least Version 6?

When will Republic Wireless update the Moto G 3rd gen phones to at least Android 6? It states on the Motorola web site:

MOTO G (3rd Generation)

This device will be upgraded to the Android 6 (Marshmallow) release of Android, pending partner support.

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This was dated months ago.

This is my only concern about Republic Wireless: always behind on Android updates.

The Moto G (3rd Gen) that we have is an RW hybrid version that will never be upgraded.

Republic is not going to update the Moto G 3rd

the Custom ROM way of hybrid network that 1.0 and 2.0 run on is not compatible with 6.0 and Republic made a decision to not develop a custom ROM for 6.0 OS but to adapt to an unmodified 3.0 phones

The Evolution of Republic

and we won’t be able to upgrade our Moto G (3rd Gen.) devices to Android M as they are tied to our previous RW 2.0 architecture and we have no clean way to migrate them over. To put it in plain terms: Motorola is working on upgrading the Moto G (3rd Gen.) phones to Android M now. We could do what we’ve always historically done - abide by often lengthy 3rd party certification timeframes and focus our engineering efforts on upgrading that one phone, the Moto G (3rd Gen.). Or, we could take the necessary steps to focus on RW 3.0 with these same resources and advance Republic to its next evolution. This was not an easy decision for us, but we felt the right decision was to focus on RW 3.0 as it would benefit more people given the breadth of devices and service it enables. If you recently purchased (within the last 30 days) a Moto G (3rd Gen.) and were really looking forward to getting Android M, you can of course return it and we’ll be glad to help find another solution that works for you.

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